Genger Inequality In The Film Industry Michigan State University Essay

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Maddie Jones
Professor Byron
Intro to Women’s Studies
10 December 2017
Inequality in the Film Industry
In a time when people think women are making advancements in the film industry, the opposite is actually taking place and things are getting worse, not better, for women in Hollywood. By shedding light on the sexism in film, I hope to start a discussion about the inequality that exists on and off screen and the importance of including women in the film making process. I hope my info graphic, which includes jaw-dropping facts and statistics, increases people’s knowledge in showing what can be done to increase women’s exposure and power in big-budget films. By “people’s knowledge,” I, more specifically, mean to target the CEO’s of movie production companies, as that’s who my project is aimed towards. Additionally, I hope to target actresses to give them the big picture of all that is wrong and the reasons they shouldn’t settle for less than what they deserve. I hope to emphasize that if actresses come together united and ready to take a stand, they can make a difference. By creating an info graphic, I was able to incorporate statistics in an appealing way with pie charts, bar graphs and pictures that easily gives the audience something to visualize and be stunned by. As apposed to just reading words, seeing it visually makes the information so much more astonishing.
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When you see one of my pie charts with only a 16th of the pie representing women, it is easy to conclude that something is wrong in this industry. For instance my three pie charts show that only 4% of directors, 19% of producers, and 31% of actors are women (“Prime Time Power:
Women Producers, Writers and Directors”). With only a 5 to 1 ratio of men to women working on films, a 2.25 to one of men to women actors, and the fact that only 10.7% of films feature a balanced cast with equal numbers of male and female characters, it is clear that women aren’t given the same opportunities proving that it is a male dominated industry (Ellis-Petersen, 2017). What I hope my info graphic shows more than anything is the importance of having a female director or writer in the film making process. Remarkably, in films with at least one female writer or director, there are 39% more female protagonists, 8% more female major character, and 9% more of female speaking characters compared to films with exclusively male directors or writers (“2016 Statistics”). Cate Blanchett calls out those who don’t advocate for equality in film by saying, ”And thank you to those of us in the industry who are still foolishly clinging to the idea that female films, with women at the center, are niche experiences. They are not. Audiences want to see them and, in fact, they earn money” (Gonzales,2014).
As it can be seen when looking at the earning wages of the top 10 male and female actors, a pay gap in the film industry exists. In the Forbes 2017 list of the top highest paid actresses, they collectively...

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