Genghis Khan. Were His Actions Justifiable?

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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we are here today to determine the conclusion of Genghis Khan. The prosecution presents various reasons why my client should be sentence to death, but they did not tell you, the jury, why he did what he did. They also did not even address the positive contribution Genghis has promoted.Genghis Khan's cruel and unusual conduct can be justified from the horrors of his early life. At an early age his father died from poisoning and Khan was forced to provide for his large family. With his father deceased, Genghis Khan and his family were left to live on their own, being deserted by their tribe. This could have led him to lack the discipline he would have received if father lived. Also, all the anger and malnutrition from struggling to find food and shelter could of lead him to lose his sense of morality in his later life and could be the reason why he committed these crimes. In addition to all these terrible experiences, the Tayichi'ut tribe captured Genghis Khan and held him for several months before he finally escaped. They kept him with a wooden collar around his neck and wrist, and all the fears he faced and hatred for his captors could have lead him to be fierce.Genghis Khan may have committed many crimes in his lifetime but he also has several positive contributions that have been overlooked. Declaring himself "the ruler of all those who live in felt huts," Genghis Khan united countless of people under a progressive and benevolent rule. He ended numerous civil rivalries and intertribal warfare, bringing violence and countless of deaths...

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Ghenghis Khan: Childhood, beginning of empire, culture

773 words - 3 pages young age. The clan realised this and feared him, they attempted to capture and kill him but he got away, he was only sixteen and was able to out muscle some of their men. He took himself as a man from then on.War & the beginning of an empireGenghis khan found his wife that he was promised he married her and in time was accepted back into his tribe. This tribe was raided and many were killed and Genghis' wife was captured and taken away

Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford

3029 words - 13 pages mother is abducted and what was the circumstances of his birth. The Temujin from this chapter is just receiving his push to start becoming the Genghis Khan from history. Tale of Three Rivers Temujin had found safety with his family living with an older woman who had taken them in. But one night while they were sleeping the old woman could hear the approach of horses and warned everyone. Temujin and a few others escaped and left the old woman

Review of Genghis Kahn

894 words - 4 pages readers on the psychological side of Khan's actions. He also wrote this to show how Genghis Khan began to develop his country, and tells us what changes happen after Genghis Khan had passed. He implemented his points well, showing examples of the kindhearted and open-minded things he did for all people, whether they were originally his own, or those he captured and later ruled. The author also explained the things that Genghis Khan did economically

Genghis Khan

1206 words - 5 pages in death’. These laws though, had to be made by a political party. The Mongolians, luckily, had one. The nomadic tribe, the Mongols, were following custom and chieftains. Before Genghis Khan came into power, the tribes were at war. Khan brought all the people of the Mongols together and Khan made a political system. The society had a political system. Khan made himself and his friends as the government. Because Khan did not appreciate the

Genghis Khan: The World's Greatest Conqueror

1198 words - 5 pages world’s greatest conqueror and is still revered in many countries today. Temujin, who later took the name Genghis Khan, came from humble beginnings which helped to form the foundations of the type of leader he became later in life. After his warlord father was killed by a rival tribe, Temujin and his family were exiled to the steppes and into poverty. Temujin’s “personal magnetism and courage and his inclination to rely on trusted friends rather

Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Culture

2839 words - 11 pages Genghis Khan’s military strategy was to form an officer corps from the Mongols, who had been trained in military exercises. The men were then teamed with other tribes so that they could train them. The specialty of the Mongol tribe was the art of siege. Genghis Khan’s armies were the most powerful, the most disciplined, and the most feared (Forsythe, 2000). The reason Genghis Khan was so successful was his use of intuition. Genghis Khans dream

Genghis Khan bio

535 words - 2 pages This left Temüjin as the ruler of the the Mongol plains. All clans and tribes were united and called the Mongols and became they became the Mongol Empire. Using his charisma and strong will, Temüjin united all of Central Asia under a single code by 1206. A council of Mongol chiefs named Temüjin as Khan of the consolidated tribes, and he took the title of Genghis Khan.Genghis Khan made advances in military disciplines, such as mobility

Genhis Khan The Great

1611 words - 6 pages empire that he wanted to conquer. This empire was much harder to conquer. It was a very ambitious project. It took his army three years to conquer the empire. Over sixty thousand men were killed. This is not a lot by today’s standard but it is a tremendous amount back in Genghis’s time.      With the defeat of the Na-Chung Empire, the Khan ruled all of Asia. He was nearly invulnerable. His empire

Biography of Genghis Khan

1475 words - 6 pages implemented this tactic by sending endless waves of cavalry at their enemy until they surrendered. “Genghis Khan and his generals were brilliant tacticians. Their armies of skilled horsemen made quick, nimble maneuvers possible, and their traditional strategies included: Spy Networks, Coordinated Attacks, Rapid Communication, Isolating Cities, Catapulting, Lighting Diversions, and Damming Rivers” (“

Genghis Khan

1362 words - 5 pages after Ong-Khan and his son were killed (Hartog 25). The shaman Kokochu played in important role in Genghis' rise to power as well. He said that he had rode to Heaven on a horse and the Eternal Heaven told him that Genghis was his representative on earth (Hartog 32). This was vital because to the Mongolian people it meant that everyone that opposed them opposed God himself. However, in 1206 Kokochu tried to wield more power than he should have

Genghis Khan: Biography

1345 words - 5 pages Early LifeIn the year 1162, the wife of a Mongol war chief, Yesugei Baghatur, gives birth to a baby boy. The baby is born with as blood clot in his fist. The blood clot is a sign that he will one day become a great leader. This baby grew up to be one of the greatest conquerors of all time, the mighty Mongol leader, known as Genghis Khan.Genghis Khan was born to Mongol war chief Yesugei Baghatur and his wife Hoelun, and was born Temujin. It is

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1173 words - 5 pages disposable civilians as human shields for future assaults. The skulls of men, women, and children were stacked in large pyramidal mounds. In 1221, the Sultan and his son were captured and killed, which brought an end to the campaign in Khwarezm. Genghis Khan died in August 1227 while further campaigning in the kingdom of Xi Xia. The cause of death is unknown, though multiple historians contend that his death was ultimately caused by complications

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873 words - 4 pages Throughout history, Genghis Khan marked the past with his unrivaled military power and wisdom. During Genghis Khan’s rule, great influence and improvement was brought to China. He was a fierce Mongolian warrior, born with the name “Temujin”, who lived between 1162 and 1227. He created the largest empire in the world, the Mongol Empire, by destroying individual tribes in Northeast Asia. From many of Genghis Khan’s actions, like promoting

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789 words - 3 pages mother. They were left alone for many years to care for themselves. Throughout these years, his family met many hardships such as shortage of food and money. Though unable to read, Genghis was a very wise man. His mother told him at a very early age the importance of trust and independence.In 1206, Genghis Khan claimed himself the ruler of Mongolia. Genghis was a very respected leader. Like other leaders, he knew what his people wanted. Obviously

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1611 words - 7 pages his death (Lane, Genghis Khan 4). The role that women played in the Mongol society was often a complex one. Mongol woman were often bought or stolen by their husbands. The women were often treated like property and used just like any other type of bartering tool. However during the rule of Genghis Khan, the women were not merely mothers and tent wives, they also enjoyed considerable power within the family unit and enjoyed a much stronger social