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During the last fews months I have been working on a project about the sport Soccer "Tactical Soccer Skills."I have noticed that working on my own is a little difficult because everything depends on me and no one else.While i have worked on this project I have gained responsibility and confidence in myself so when I work alone, I can finish the project and get a good grade.This helps me because doing big projects can also help me because it helps me get more work done which will make me do small projects faster and be much more perfect

I liked how the teacher let us pick a topic that we like instead of the teacher choosing the topic for us.I have seen myself using much more tools on ...view middle of the document...

I have even looked up million of tricks on the internet because I see other people doing it and Then i want to learn it too.There is million of websites about soccer and they all have soccer tips,tricks,skills,and drills that could make you a little better at soccer.

I learned many things by doing this project.I have learned many facts about players that I like and that I watch play on TV.I had many things in my head that I would put on my website about soccer players,soccer tricks,skills and many other facts about soccer.There is many things that everybody learns and there is a long way for people like me to become professional soccer players,if that is there dream.Every professional soccer player has gone through our age,wanting to become a pro soccer player when they grow up.Is it possible to do something big like creating a website and everybody liking it.

What would it take to do something for the world?I think that it would take a lot and that is what I told myself when I was creating this website.I thought to myself that if a website created by me helped kids and adults...

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