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Why The Holocaust In Considered Genocide

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“Monsters exist, but they are too few in numbers to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are…the functionaries ready to believe and act without asking questions.” This quote is by Primo Levi (Quotes About Holocaust) The Holocaust was genocide targeting Jewish people. They would take them and put them in concentration camps and eventually kill most of them. The rest of the world was in a World War because of the Holocaust. Genocide is important for us to know and learn about because it is in our world’s history. It lets kids know that genocide is an awful thing. What drew me to this topic was learning about it. I always found it very interesting to learn about. Even though it is an awful topic to learn about, it is also very interesting. I love learning about all of the different races and religions it has happened to. Genocide is awful and there was no reason to harm these people. People just want someone to blame for their mistakes in the world. Many Europeans thought Jews were a threat to their land.
The Holocaust was a type of Genocide. The Germans were taking Jewish people to Concentration Camps and killing them. (World War II: The Holocaust pg. 1) The Jewish didn’t do anything to deserve this. (How and Why Did the Holocaust Happen pg. 1) Everyone else wanted someone to blame for their economy struggles. (Norton, James pg .4) At the concentration camps the Jews would do slave work and have to do whatever the Nazi soldiers told them to do. (The Holocaust pg.1) Some of the Jews died from starvation because at the concentration camp they would not get any food. Some others died when the Nazi soldiers would tell them they had to come and shower. What was really going to happen to them was once the whole group of Jewish people were in there they would take out the shower heads and pour the gas into their and everyone in there died. They were called Gas Chambers. (The Holocaust pg. 1) For the people that were still alive in the concentration camp once the war was over, they were able to be freed. (Long Term Affects pg. 1) The Holocaust is genocide because the Germans were targeting a certain religion, which were the Jewish people.
One reason the holocaust is genocide is the Germans were killing Jewish people because they thought they were doing damage to our economy. Hitler was not the only one to actually make the holocaust happen. Many other Germans had the final “say” in the holocaust. (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, pg.1) Jewish people thought, Up until the anti-Jewish violence, they would be able to defend them when the Jewish came to take them away. Once the family made the decision to leave their home had to go and find a family willing to risk their lives to protect them and their whole family. (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum pg. 2)
Another reason the holocaust is genocide is because they killed around six million Jewish people. Not only did they kill the Jewish people they chose anybody that made any communicated...

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