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Genocide Conflicts And Segregation Essay

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Genocide Conflicts

There has been so much segregation in the world in the past, today and probably in the future too. People stereotype people for their race, social status and beliefs every day. No matter how much we try to stop it there is always that one person who goes the extra mile to discriminate that certain someone or belief. The Holocaust and The Armenian Segregation are two historical events that show just how far people are willing to go to get rid of something. In my opinion both events are very wrong and cruel not only to the people who were in them but also to humanity itself.
The holocaust, one of the world’s most recognizable conflicts, began during the 1930’s in many different countries in Europe. Most people know that during this time many Jewish people were killed and mistreated by the “followers” of a German leader named Hitler. But it was much more than just that; many other groups were targeted by the Nazis such as gypsy, homosexual, and disabled people. The basis of the idea of “cleansing” Europe from the Jewish race began after soon after world war one. Many Germans blamed Jews for their loss in 1918, this resulted in the creation of the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), known to English speakers as the Nazis.” (The Holocaust, Their main goal was to expand their beliefs and purify the German race. In the beginnings of the holocaust Jewish people were forced out of and to leave their homes and businesses to live in ghettos. After that Jews would be cited to go live in concentration camps or to work in factories. In the concentration camps they would beat and starve the Jews to kill them or they would send mass amounts of them to gas chambers. Towards the end of the war Nazis wanted to get rid of the “living evidence” of their crimes so they created “Death Marches”. These marches consisted of massive amounts of Jews that would have to march over the course of usually three months in the winter. No food or water was provided, not even necessary clothing! The intention of these marches was to kill every living witness of the Nazi crimes. World war two and the Holocaust ended by Germany surending on May 8th, 1945. Hitler committed suicide about a week before. It’s estimated that about 11 million people died over the period of world war two and the holocaust. 6 million are said to be Jewish folk and the rest are said to be a mix of Germans, Christians, Gypsies, Homosexuals, disabled and ill people.
In about 1908, a new government group arose in the Ottoman Empire. They called themselves “Young Turks”. Some of their main leaders were Ahmed Jemal, Mehmet Talaat and Ismail Enver. Their goal was to “Turkify” their empire and soon after world war one began in 1914, the ottoman religious empire declared a religious war against the Christian Armenians. The Turks believed that the Armenians would support Christian governments like their enemies, the Russians, during world war one. Beginning in...

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