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Genocide In Argentina And In Chile

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Genocide in Argentina and in Chile
The military attacks on the people of Chile began in September 1973, and the disappeared would become thousands of citizens who were murdered or kidnapped during the 16 year reign of the Pinochet ideology ending with president Aylwin. From 1973 to 1983, thousands of people would disappear overnight never to be seen again into the 500 concentration camps where they would be tortured and murdered in Argentina. The people of Argentina crimes were to speak out against the inhumane conditions around them. The tormenters would eventually be brought to justice in Argentina, but Chile, Salvador, Nicaragua would never bring their perpetrators to justice.
Out of these atrocities against humanity the Rettig commission was born, and they had testimony, court documents, and all other past dealings. They left it up the courts to decide the fate of the tormenters of Chile after they had found out the truth. According to Fraser and Weissbrodt (2006), “The Rettig Commisions might have also taken a stronger stance on the 1978 Amnesty Law, which constitutes a major obstacle to prosecution and even investigations of a large number of cases”. The Rettig Commission did not get any support from the military spokespersons so the real truth was lost. Many of the people who testified were granted immunity and fines in case of crimes against humanity. In the future, commissions who will able to prosecute the people who carried out the heinous act against the people are needed, so the perpetrators will not be led off with a slap on the wrist.
Some of the positive things to come from the Rettig Commission is the truth was brought to the open for many, and it gave the victim’s families the dignity if knowing what happened to their loved ones. It is also prevented future violation of human rights to take place again as they gained national attention. The worst part of the situation was that Pinochet was backed by the United States, and the US cost the human suffering which is appalling. To this day, there are thousands of Chileans who disappeared and their families live in constant human suffering due to not knowing the whereabouts of their loved ones. The Rettig Commission...

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