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Genocide In Bosnia Essay

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Situate yourself into the shoes of many Bosnian Muslims. As your country just disassociated itself into six multiple parts, you, a Bosnian Muslim, are being attacked by your own countrymen with no other reason but their religious beliefs and yours contradicting each others. This is what occurred in the Bosnian Genocide. Genocide is a term that is used to explain the intentional eradication of a certain religion, or group. “The term ‘genocide’ did not exist before 1944. It is a very specific term, referring to violent crimes committed against groups with the intent to destroy the existence of the group.”(United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) This is why one might feel Genocide is ...view middle of the document...

The Bosnian War is genocide because the Bosnian Serbians wanted to kill all of the Bosnian Muslims. The Bosnian Serbians wanted an “ethnic cleansing” in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. What they meant is to basically kill the Bosnian Muslims because they don’t believe in the same things (Ching 8). Considering the definition of genocide, the Bosnian war fits perfectly under the term. During this war, just about one-hundred thousand people died, eighty-thousands of those who were killed where Bosnian Muslims ( World Without Genocide).
Second, the Bosnian War has parlayed so out of hand, three major organizations has involved themselves in stopping the madness the Bosnian Serbians were causing. NATO produced a bombing campaign that the Bosnian Serbian felt threatened by. This enforced Bosnian Serbs to come to peace with the Bosnian Muslims and sign an agreement. They agreed to stop the genocide, this agreement was called the Dayton Accords and it was signed in December of 1995. Still the ICTY watches over the Bosnian Serbians, but unfortunately, they cannot stop them because they are on their own. This shows that the Bosnian Serbians couldn’t stop by themselves and they needed others to stop them, which is another reason why the Bosnian War was genocide (Genocide in Bosnia).
Last, there were so reason for the killing, the Bosnian Muslims never started the war. The Bosnian Serbs just started slaughtering many Bosnian Muslims. If the Bosnian Muslims survived the massacres, they would be found and taken to one of many concentration camps. At the Concentration camps, there were horrendous living conditions, people were battered, tortured, and mass killings on a daily basis. Statistics say that there were about ten-thousand Bosnian Muslims killed at the concentration camps. Women were taken to rape camps, where they were tortured and raped until they were pregnant. It is said that about twenty-thousand rapes manifested in the time between the start and end of the war. This is a form of genocide because these innocent people were taken away to concentration camps were they were tortured and killed (World Without Genocide).
One might think the Bosnian War isn’t...

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