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Genocide In Darfur And Political Turmoil

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In the beginning of 20th century, the world stood by and witnessed 1 million Armenians brutally murdered by the Turkish government in the Armenian Genocide (1915-18). Almost half a century later, the Holocaust (1938-45) occurred in which 6 million Jews and other minorities were slaughtered in Germany by the Nazis. After this, the world’s powerful nations vowed to ‘never again’ allow another genocide and went on to create the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. By the near end of the century, we were once again bystanders to the Cambodian Genocide caused by Khmer Rouge (1975-79) and the Rwandan Genocide (April 7-July 15, 1994) between the ethnic groups of the Hutus and ...view middle of the document...

The first is the idea of sovereignty, which is allowing other nations to rule themselves as they wish without outside interference. When the mass killing in Darfur began, western powers replied by allowing the Sudanese government to handle this issue. The second is national interest. If the Cold War era has taught us one thing, is that western nations will not interfere in the affairs of other nations unless democracy is threatened, or if the country in crisis has resources which will be of vital national interest. The Darfur region doesn’t have natural resources of interest to western powers. Finally, it could be that these powerful countries are trying to avoid a conflict with the Arab nations. Sudan is an Arab nation, should western powers intervene they may create a chain of conflicts with rest of the Arabs nations. Overall, I argue that powerful nations failed to intervene in Darfur because of Sudan’s history of unstableness and western powers’ previous failed interventions in Somalia and Rwanda.
The history of Darfur dates back to 14th century and because it ultimately became a part of Sudan, the current “crisis is another episode in Sudan’s history of conflicts” (Hayes 2011: 22). In 1884, the Berlin Conference took place in the home of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. There, the division of areas and the colonization of countries in Africa amongst the French, Germans, Britons, and Portuguese commenced. With British controlling most countries in the East, Sudan became a British area. Until then, expansions displayed a growing European influence (specifically from the French) in the Southern area of Sudan known as Bahr-el Ghazal, thus, the British worried and from 1886-89, fought in the Battle of Omdurman against Khalifa to colonize Sudan.
With Sudan officially colonized and the British enforcing full leadership, a government needed to be established. In a joint agreement with the Egyptians known as the Condominium Agreement, in 1899 Sudan is governed both by the British and Egyptians. The British took...

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