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Genocide In Rwanda Essay

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From April to July of 1994, in about 100 days, an estimated 800,000 people were killed in Rwanda by Hutu extremists. The Hutu extremists were said to be targeting only the minority ethnic group called "Tutsi", but were also found to be killing any of their political enemies regardless of their race.
The Tutsi race has long held control over the Rwandan government because, though they only make up an approximate 14 percent of the Rwanda population, the Europeans who took over the country chose them because they were said to resemble the Europeans more than the Hutus. The Hutus later started a revelution for independence that the Belgian, who controlled the country at the time, quickly ...view middle of the document...

This made it almost completley impossible for a Tutsi to not be found. Even some of the Hutus weren't safe because many were killed if they were even suspected of opposing the killing of the Tutsi.
Many people were tortured and murdered right on the streets of Rwanda. Tutsi women were taken as sex slaves and then brutally tortured for days until they died. Horrifically, Tutsi children were targets as well as th adults. The kids were tortured just as brutally and often they were killed while their parents were forced to watch. The most common method of killing during this genocide was by knives, machetes, or clubs. This is because bullets were too expensive. So only a select few people were offered a choice between buying a bullet or getting beaten to death. Disgustingly enough, the people they made these offers to, more often then not, had no money and nothing to offer. So they would enjoy watching them grovel and then either cut them up piece by piece or beat them until there was nothing left but a bloody and bruised corpse.
These brutal killings continued until about mid July of 1994 when, after sneaking into Rwanda...

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