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Genocide In Somalia: It's Impact On The World

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The purpose of this document is to discuss the horrible acts one may recognize as the genocide in Somalia. One may deliberate regularly on the reasons or circumstances that lead to the mistreatment and killings of a whole country; how could this happen? Why are no other countries willing to step in and give aid to the Somali people whom are suffering on a daily basis? In reality, many concerns have been addressed, whether by discussions or actions. There may be different philosophies or viewpoints as to why the genocide was conducted and not stopped. Genocide is a cruel and inhumane event and is a world problem.
In order to understand the full scope of genocide in Somalia and how it will affect other countries, we must understand their culture. This way you can determine if any outside assistance, such as the United States giving aid, would be accepted or unwanted. Cultural knowledge can also give outside countries insight to “how” and “when” relationships can` be established.
Somali culture is extremely relevant to the intent of this paper. The makeup of their government, religious beliefs, beliefs towards women, and economic production are a few factors that are relevant while establishing a friendly relationship. As stated by Toby, “Islam is a belief system, a culture, a structure for government, and a way of life. Thus in Somalia, attitudes, social customs, and gender roles are primarily based on Islamic tradition” . Understanding their Islamic beliefs could prove to be vital. It could directly relate to their eating habits, which ultimately could factor into advisor aid if needed. It is critical to understand their belief in a clan- based government. This information is proven relevant, because of the outcome of their clan versus clan war. As identified by John, “The period 1991-1992 was marked by the most intense conflict, when the different clan factions fought for control of land and resources in southern Somalia” . I believe that these abovementioned situations played critical roles in the war that left many dead.
According to Lidwien, “1991 marked the first time that politico-military leaders used large-scale clan-based violence against civilians as a political instrument outside of the institutions of the state” . One main issue that can be induced is the power struggles within their government structures. For example, government regimes fought against other regimes, government fought against civilians, and clan fought against clans. War seemed to be a constant. Amidst all of the different conflicts, one stood out distinctly; Somalia’s Civil War. Although some may refer to this event as a civil war, others may see it differently, a genocide. Genocide is defined as the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. There have been multiple civil wars in various countries but when the militants turn on the civilian population, and kill unarmed men, women, and children it is no longer a...

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