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Genocide Of The Jewish Race: An Unthinkable Act

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Genocide of the Jewish Race: An Unthinkable Act
Genocide. What is it defined as? According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia, genocide is defined as any crime committed with intent to destroy, in whole or part, a national, ethnical, or religious group. The Holocaust, during WWII, is one of the largest acts of genocide in human history resulting in an unfathomable amount of deaths of the Jewish race(Holocaust Encyclopedia). According to the Holocaust Museum Houston, over 5,800,000 Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Communists, trade unionists, socialists, and gypsies are just some of the many groups also affected by this horrific event(Holocaust Museum Houston). Many unanswered questions ...view middle of the document...

(History Learning Site). At the time, Hitler thought had the German private banks were controlled by Jewish investors. Whether or not this was true, Hitler felt that they had too much bank domination. According to the Mail Online Website, it became fashionable to decry the loss of WWI on Jewish financers. Hitler also believed that the Russian revolution was a result of the Jews. His detestation intensified simply because these innocent people were Jewish (Mail Online). Hate was the fuel to his fire.
According to Mail Online, Hitler’s animosity was very strong. “Hitler and the Nazis believed that the Jews were biologically and racially distinct”. They thought that every person that was a Jew was not a real human and they had no right to live. Once Hitler rose into control, he used his power to campaign against all Jewish people. Nazis made all German people stop shopping in Jewish shops because a Jew was thought to be a “sub-human”. (Mail Online) This was all a part of Hitler’s plan for their downfall. The presence of racism was growing so strong to the point that children were being taught anti-Semitic ideas. In 1935, a group of laws called the Nuremberg Laws were passed and all German citizens, that were Jewish, lost all freedom, independence, and even citizenship. The prejudice increased so vastly that a chemist would not sell medicine to a Jew, even if it would save their life.
According to Main Online, “It was the explicit aim of Hitler’s regime to create an “Aryan” race”. Hitler’s goal was to get rid of anyone who went against his beliefs or ideas. He also wanted to dispose of anyone who was not to his “Aryan” standards genetically of culturally. If you were thought to be an enemy, you were to be banished to a concentration camp, otherwise known as a death camp. (Mail Online)
The concentration camps were absolutely barbaric to say the least. Before 1939, deaths in the concentration camps happened but were not very frequent. The living conditions were so immoral it was hard to imagine. The amount of food and drink was very small in comparison to other convicts. In the Buchenwald camp, any hygiene necessities were completely disregarded and not even thought of. The basic punishment for any person who defied any of the Nazis or Hitler’s rules was 25 whips....

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