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From nineteen ninety-one to nineteen ninety-five over eleven million Jews were killed in multiple concentration camps around Europe. Today, the Holocaust is known as one of the worst genocides to occur. Genocide is something that shouldn’t be occurring. Millions of people are being killed due to genocides that have happened, or are currently happening. The Holocaust is one of the most famous genocides that have occurred to this date which makes it one of the many reasons to want to research this genocide.
The Holocaust occurred during World War Two in Europe from nineteen ninety-one to nineteen ninety-five. Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazis who lead them to kill millions of Jews, ...view middle of the document...

Genocide is also “causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group” (What is Genocide 1). Many Jews and other groups were left to die at times or were forced to live through all the pain that was being put against them.
Most people will believe that the Holocaust is genocide, but there are those few who do not believe that the Holocaust is genocide, or that the Holocaust even existed. As stated before, over eleven million people were murdered. One may think that this is a great reason to believe that the Holocaust is undoubtedly genocide. This is true because genocide is the mass murder of a race. If one may not believe that the Holocaust still isn’t genocide, there’s still much more evidence that the Holocaust is genocide. There were millions of people who were found at the concentration camps when they were liberated. All these people had to live through so much pain and suffering. They experienced starvation and dehydration daily and died from many different diseases. This statement shows that they were terribly treated physically and mentally. This helps prove that the Holocaust is genocide.
Some people think that the Holocaust was not genocide due to the amount of Jews and other groups in different countries. One may not agree with these people due to the amount of groups killed in Europe that almost lead to extinction of Jews in Europe. But before the Holocaust, many Jews were located in other countries as well because of “discrimination and anti-Semitism. They most often emigrated to Palestine, the United States, and England. A small number also went to other countries such as Argentina and South Africa” (Jewish Life During the Holocaust 1). This information can lead to people not believing that the Holocaust is not genocide. But genocide doesn’t always mean the extinction of an entire race, but “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group” (What is Genocide 1). This shows that genocide can be eliminating a partial amount of a group. During the Holocaust, a mass amount of Jews were killed, but there were still a huge amount still alive after. This proves that the Holocaust can be genocide.
The Holocaust is genocide because there was a mass murder of groups, Hitler wanted to remove Jews from Europe, and all groups at concentration camps...

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