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Genocide Research Essay

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During the Darfur genocide over 480,000 people were killed, and more than 2.8 million people displaced. (Genocide in Darfur, 1) Genocide is the mass murder of a specific race or culture. The genocide in Darfur really technically hasn’t ended, because any attempt to stop the war its self failed.
Darfur is in the country called Sudan. Sudan is located within Africa. (Darfur Genocide, 1) The war in Darfur is what started the genocide. The war was between the Janjaweed and the people of Darfur. “The Sudanese government exploited these differences by arming ethnic Arab militia groups, known as the ‘Janjaweed,’ to attack the ethnic African groups,” (Genocide in the Darfur Region of Sudan, 1) is ...view middle of the document...

The Darfur genocide is genocide because they are killing the people of Darfur in mass numbers, and focusing on only the people of Darfur. There is even some evidence that the Janjaweed may have used chemical weapons (Levy, 25).
This is genocide because the Janjaweed are killing a mass number of the people of Darfur. They are killing the innocent civilians, women, children, elderly, even innocent men who didn’t originally fight in this war and they are doing this in any way possible. They line people up and shoot them, or restrict them of food and water, letting them starve to death (Levy, 25-26). They even execute people for no reason. This all started from a civil war between the Arab’s and the Africans, but mostly the people in Darfur (Appave, 1). Then the Sudanese government gave the Arab people weapons, and told them to begin attacking everyone in Darfur (Genocide in the Darfur Region of Sudan, 1). That is how it started.
These Janjaweed are doing things that are close to what Hitler did. They burn houses, with or without people in them. They gas them out of houses and shoot them. The soldiers fly over and drop a bomb on the village, them the Janjaweed come in, and when they leave soldiers come in and kill everyone left. They line them up and shoot them, whatever they can just to get rid of the people in that village. (Levy, 25). By doing this they are killing off most of the people in Darfur. They take some people and keep them as prisoners. These actions are extremely close to what Hitler did during the Holocaust.
There is evidence that the Janjaweed even used chemical weapons when raiding into Darfur (Levy, 26). Chemical weapons consist of poisonous gas bombs, like a smoke bomb. These would be thrown into houses or into large areas of people (UNODA - Chemical Weapons, 1). This is an easy way to kill a mass number of people in a small amount of time. They are like the gas chambers Hitler used in the Holocaust. “The Janjaweed tortured, shot, and stabbed civilians. They shouted racial slurs and called their victims ‘slaves.’” (Levy,26) This is what is happening in Darfur. They brand their “slaves” so they know which one is theirs, they are giving them no freedom, and they are repeating things that existed more than twenty years ago. Things that people worked so hard to get in our country are being taken away in their country. This is all going on in a little country, so hardly anyone knows...

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