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Genocide Today Essay

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Our system of excessive communication seems as though it should be an incredible asset in hindering genocides from occurring, yet they are still present and little seems to be said. Activists working to inform people about the issues occurring across the world are now able to make movies and websites that let others be informed, but you would be hard pressed to find an informative activist group with as many viewers as something such as facebook. When you do find places designed to inform you of present world issues such as genocide, they are often politically charged. A website such as “” is a basic place to start when trying to learn about genocides occurring across the ...view middle of the document...

Being from a rural town, major social issues were very shocking to me, and when I found out that there were present day genocides still occurring, I was absolutely shocked. It wasn’t something being talked about in my schools, but there was so much to be learned. To this day I am still shocked by things I hear about occurring across the world and consistently wondering why we say almost nothing.
According to Scott Straus in an article from Foreign Affairs, the genocide has claimed the lives of more than 70,000 civilians and uprooted an estimated 1.8 million more since February 2003 (Straus 2005). In 2004 the US. Congress passed a resolution labeling Darfur as a genocide. The genocide has been caused by longer standing civil unrest and a civil war between an Islamic nationalist government and two rebel groups. Violet crimes have consistently been committed and lives continue to be lost. The violence is targeted toward African civilians from tribes which rebels are often recruited. As of 2003 it was reported that 574 villages had been destroyed and 157 had been damaged. Areas are burned out even though the civilians were unarmed. The idea was that if you got rid of the civilians of these tribes that they would not be able to join the rebel groups.
If you base the start date of a genocide off of when the killings began, you find that Darfur’s genocide began in 2003, according to “World Without Genocide” a website based out of an independent law school in Minnesota (World Without Genocide 2012). It took until 2004 for the US to pass a resolution that actually labeled the crisis a genocide. It hasn’t, however, relinquished such label as killings continue to be reported. The death toll estimates between 100,000 and 500,000 while estimates of people displaced is estimated between 2 and 2.5 million. The estimates are largely disputed depending on who is reporting them and also because of the turmoil in the region, it can be expected that exact figures are not actually known, nor will they be for many years. What we do know is that the violence today is continuing and some say it has only worsened. It is often the case that the effects of such a violent crime and mass slaughtering of people can never be quantified.
It is unsettling to know that as most of us are scrolling through social media on our smart phones, millions of people are dying in the hands of our silence. Genocide is occurring not just in a single place, but across the globe. Leopold’s genocide killed nearly 10 million people while Hitler’s genocide killed over 6 million. We have names attached to these genocides of the past, and we recognize them as dreadful parts of our human history when we acknowledge them in text books, yet we continue to let multiple genocides occur every single day. The Holocaust Museum of Florida has a running ticker of the estimated deaths from genocide and they estimate that a person dies every 24 seconds. If you spent your day realizing that twice a minute...

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