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Genomics: Plain And Simple Essay

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Various characters change drastically throughout the book. The person who changes the greatest amount during the book is Vladek Spiegelman. In the beginning, before the Holocaust, Vladek is married to Anja and they have a son, Richieu. Vladek has a successful textile factory that was given to him by Anja, his wife’s father when they became married. During the Holocaust, he became an incredibly resourceful man and had a strong work ethic. This is made evident due to the fact that he is able to acquire food and shelter, even when the Nazis are trying to control the amount of food and shelter available to the Jewish people at the time. He became incredibly adept at saving everything due to the ...view middle of the document...

During the initial invasion of Poland, she seems to be exceedingly protective of her son, Richieu. This is evident in that she is unable to let her infant son leave their home in order to be protected from the upcoming invasion. When her son is eventually killed during the Holocaust, she became excessively depressed and eventually took her own life.
Anja’s experiences during and after the Holocaust are reflective of the experiences of several female survivors of the Holocaust. After her son, Richieu died during the Holocaust, Anja was forced to grapple with feelings of guilt due to the fact that she may have been able to prevent her son’s death. This is reflective of female Holocaust survivors, especially ones who lost family members, due to the fact that a death of a loved one is so difficult to overcome. Many Jewish people who survived the Holocaust eventually took their own lives since the survivor’s guilt that was caused by surviving while their family members and friends died became too painful to handle.
A third character who changed throughout the duration of the story is Art Spiegelman. In the beginning of the story, he was...

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