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'genres Tend To Develop As Audiences Become Bored With Formulaic Films.' Do You Agree? Use Specific Examples In Your Answer.

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Genres target specific audiences and help to structure marketing and promotion of the film. Genres tend to drive profit and merchandise. Genres can also structure careers for actors, and or directors. The narrative image present in a film is generated from general knowledge of genre and specific for knowledge of the film that the audience has. Barthes developed an idea about plaisir and jouissance, which is that generic expectations of the film are fulfilled and therefore produce pleasure for the audience or they are, disrupted which can also give the audience pleasure.Genre is not static it changes over time and is a dynamic paradigm; this can be seen by studying two films from the horror genre; Frankenstein (1931, US, dir. James Whale) and Halloween (1978, US, dir. John Carpenter). Horror as a genre has derived from our human desire to see the gruesome, the ugly and the unimaginable. Through the development of this shocking and thrilling type of entertainment film makers have had the ability to present us with images, storylines and characters which in the real world we wouldn't want to know, but through cinematic techniques and narrative we thrive on it in this media form. Horror films seem to have a natural progression as technology advances and as the values of society change because of the influences on the country, such as who is in power and whether the country is at war. The genre has to develop as society develops because if the films didn't change their values the audience would find that the films were no longer interesting as they wouldn't be able to relate to the issues raised in the film. The filmmakers want to attract the audience so that they can earn money and so they want to change the conventions of the films to retain the audience.Frankenstein was one of the first films that were produced in the horror genre and so set up the conventions of the genre. One of the conventions is that there is an unnatural element which influences society; this is portrayed in the form of the monster. The monster embodies all the fears and anxieties of the society of that time. In order for the audience to gain pleasure from the film there has to be an equilibrium, which has a force, applied to it to from disequilibrium and then a new equilibrium. The characters in the film are mainly adults; this is probably because at the time society believed that children were too innocent to perform anything remotely sinister. This is shown in the sequence when the only child in the film in thrown into the river by the monster. The child is so innocent that she doesn't have any prejudices towards how the monster looks and tries to play with him but he doesn't understand, he therefore throws the little girl in the water and kills her accidentally. The shots throughout the film are mainly static because in the 1930's cameras were very big therefore noisy and awkward to move. This therefore became a convention of the genre. The shots were also mainly taken in...

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