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Gentlemen When you hear the word "gentleman" what does it make you think of? Does it make you think of your father? How about your husband or boyfriend? Do you consider these males, in your life, to be gentlemen? You should. These are very influential people in your life, and they should be gentlemen. They should be firm yet gentle. These gentlemen should be teaching the youth of our time how to become gentlemen as well. There is a lack of gentlemen and that should not be the case. In fact, we as a society should have an abundance of gentlemen. A gentleman is a male who not only possesses manners, dresses nicely, and has the ability to treat everyone as an equal. He is also not embarrassed to show that he is a gentleman. Manners are important to posses. They get people noticed. Manners are not hard to learn yet so many people lack them. Holding a door open for a person goes a long way. Usually when you do this people are grateful. Something like that should not have to be thought about. It should just happen. Holding a door open for anyone, not just females, should be an automatic thing; if it is not automatic then you are liable to forget to do it and then someone might think that you are shallow and not well mannered. You also have to realize that it's not only the person that you hold the door open for that notices what you have done. Others that are around will take notice of this act. An act such as holding open a door should be done out of the goodness of your heart. You should not be looking for something like a "thank you" in return. That's not the reason for holding a door open. In a perfect world a person will say "thank you" but it doesn't always work like that. Just remember that if someone holds the door open for you then you should thank him or her. It's only common courtesy, but it still amazes me how many people do not acknowledge such an act. It is extremely rude and reflects badly on you. Remember, a gentleman always says "thank you". It serves to reinforce to the other person that what they have done is a valued act. Also, it is important to reply with something like, "You're welcome." This is, again, to acknowledge the other person. A gentleman always remembers to utilize "please" and "thank you". They may seem like mere words, but they can be the difference between someone thinking that you are a well-mannered person, or someone thinking that you are just another ignorant derelict. It's amazing how everyone takes these words for granted, but if you forget to use them then you will be looked upon as ignorant. A gentleman is not ignorant. He remembers to utilize these words to the full extent. This means that he has to realize that he has to use these words every time they are applicable. According to Mary Held, she says that, "Around the office the response (of what makes a male a gentleman) was -respectful of women, courtesy & kindness, manners, polite, good grooming, holds doors open, remembers...

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