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Real Age Assignment

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After taking the survey at www., I was astonished to see my so-called “Real Age”. I was showed five years older than my actual age. I was expecting the website to show me a bit older than that my actual age. However, five years older than actual age is a lot and It is utmost important for me to carefully scrutinize the recommendations that real provided me. I have been a smoker for past two years and this actually made my real age go high. According to Real, not only do we age ourselves with our smoke but also those around us. It strictly recommends me to set a date to quit smoking and stick to it. I have lowered by nicotine intake since the second week of November 2013. I have been using an electronic cigarette and only when I feel like my body needs nicotine. Even though Electronic cigarette are not FDA approved, it is obvious that it would not contain as much chemicals as one cigarette would. My first and foremost goal is to quit smoking before Jan 1 2014. I know it sounds very simple to person who has never been exposed to nicotine before, yet it is so hard for those who actually are former nicotine addict. I think it is also unfair to have a bad judgement about one’s addiction to smoking cigarette. There are various circumstances where one becomes addicted to smoking cigarette. Rather than feeling bad and drying my confidence level upon thinking I am a smoker, I should build my confidence, move towards in the path of becoming a former smoker, and quit finally.

Using was easy, the interface was designed on a form of multiple-choice questions where we had to choose one or more option under various health related questions. The question ranged varied. From query about alcohol intake to biological father’s health history, real provided a very user-friendly interface. However, I did not see any questions about caffeine and or sugar intake questions....

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