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Though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials” (). Although, God Has promised to fulfill one’s needs such trials play along with fear, concern and stress. And for every promise God preconditions His believers trusting Him; nonetheless, believers tend to be skeptical. While, many non-believers wonder why a loving God punishes, preacher Melvin Estrada maintains that God does not punish but disciplines. Many times God tests one to make him and/or her grow spiritually and prove one’s faith genuine; consequently, the testing or trials one encounters come in several ways. One’s faith examination may occur through cancer, financial difficulties, family, ...view middle of the document...

Joyce Meyer’s testimony is powerful as she humanly questions God, yet Meyer is able to trust in God by letting Him handle the situation. Remarkably, Joyce Meyer overcomes cancer by simply having faith in God and acknowledging that He has control of her circumstances. Potentially, Meyer could blame God for her illness; alternatively, Joyce Meyer puts her trust in Him and overcomes her obstacle successfully.
Similarly, one’s faith is tested through financial difficulties. While interviewing Melvin Estrada where Estrada mentions that his faith is tested through financial hardship. Estrada shares a specific anecdote in which he is unable to provide milk for his children; as a result, Estrada grows troubled and prays to God and requests for Him to take over his issues. Miraculously, Estrada’s neighbor, unaware of the hardship, pays him a visit and hands him over six gallons of milk. Estrada adds, “God undoubtedly sent an angle” (Estrada). As promised, God fulfills everyone’s needs; though, one must have faith in Him. The area where most Christians fail. Despite Estrada’s undesirable situation where God’s glory is revealed assuring that He does assist everyone’s needs.

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