Geo3000 Assignment 2 For Homework 4 Usu Geo3100 Assignment

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1. List the four energy sources of natural disasters.
The sun, gravity, impact, the earth’s internal heat
2. A) Use the right side of Figure 2.3 – List the 3 basic layers of Earth and give their composition.
Crust(low-density rock) Mantle(dark color, heavy rock) Core(metallic)
B) Define the terms lithosphere and the asthenosphere.
Lithosphere: rock, Material acts like a brittle solid.
Asthenosphere: weak, Material acts like a plastic and it is ductile.
3. A) Define stress and strain.
Stress: External forces acting on masses or along surfaces.
Strain: Strain is deformation. A change in the form or size of a body due to external forces.
B) Discuss the differences between elastic, ductile and brittle
deformation and give an example of each.
Elastic is recoverable deformation where it is being stressed it deforms but when you let go it recovers to its original shape. (mantle is an example)
Ductile: when a stress exceeds the elastic limit, rocks will bend and flow.(asthenosphere is an example)
Brittle: When the stress exceed the elastic limit, rock will fracture deformation. (lithosphere is an example)
4. List the three sources of internal heat energy of Earth.
1. Impact energy
2. Gravitational energy
3. Earth’s internal heat
5. A)  Use the glossary to define an isotope.
One of two or more atoms having the same atomic number but different mass numbers.
B) What does half-life mean?  (define it)
The time taken for the radioactivity of a specified isotope to half its original value.
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