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Geoffrey ChaucerIntroduction Geoffrey Chaucer is one of the greatest English poets ever lived. His masterpiece, The Canterbury Tales, was one of the most important works of world literature. His works provide a great contribution to English literature in using English at a time when much poetry was still written in Latin or other major language during that time.Chaucer's Family and Early Life Not much is known about Chaucer's early life. According to source, Chaucer was born in the early 1340 (Macropedia 760). Chaucer was born to a middle class English family. His father, John Chaucer was a wine merchant and deputy to the king's servant (Macropedia 760). While he was a child in London, Chaucer attended the prestigious school, St. Paul's Almonry for his education. While schooling in St. Paul, Chaucer studied French, Italian, and Latin (Pearsall 29). In 1357, Chaucer took a position in the royal court of Elizabeth, Countess of Ulster (Macropedia 760). With the help of his father John, Chaucer was able to work with other teenagers in serving for the royal family. His job in the court were to make beds, carry candles; much like the job of a butler. While serving for the royal court, Chaucer had great opportunities to travel, study law, and learn more about the court. After two years of serving, Chaucer joined Edward III army in France (Macropedia 760) . During the battle of Reims, Chaucer was captured and imprison. Heard about the capture, the King paid a large sum for his release. After Chaucer's release, the King appointed him to serve as a messenger during the peace negotiations in 1360 from Calais to England (Macropedia, 760).Chaucer Life After Marriage Chaucer was married to Philippa Pan in 1366 (Pearsall 41). Philippa was also a service in the royal court. Philippa served as a servant to the Queen. Chaucer and Philippa had two children during their marriage. During his service with the King, Chaucer received an income for life from the King as his best servant (Stanburrough 13). His life was well-off and financial stable. During his service to the King, Chaucer was able to travel abroad on diplomatic mission to France, Flanders, and Italy where he learned great things and read works from famous writer such as Dante, Boccaccio, and many more writers, which he later borrowed to write some of his own legendary work.Chaucer's Works While under the King's service, Chaucer began to write poetry in his spare times. Chaucer wrote and read his works to fellow courtiers and officials and was probably heard by the royal family. His first important work, Book of the Duchess, was a funeral poem for John of Gaunt's first wife, Blanche who died in 1369 (Pearsall 83-84). The poem contained more than 1,300 lines of great poetry and according to sources, it was composed between 1369 or early 1370 (Pearsall 86). Chaucer's other works, such as Le Roman de la Rose, was a borrowed work from the French poets, Guillaume...

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1163 words - 5 pages Geoffrey Chaucer (1340-1400) Geoffrey Chaucer led a truly remarkable life. He was one of the greatest English poets and he had accomplished a lot, from being "The Father of English Poetry" to serving the royal family. Chaucer marks the time period when the English language became derived from French. Not only did he originate his own language, which is referred to as The Chaucerian Language, but he also came very close to creating a new nation

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1226 words - 5 pages . Geoffrey Chaucer is one of these people, but he actually did something about it. He had problems with some social aspects during the 1300s which included the church, gender differences, and hypocrisy. He wrote about these problems in a set of tales widely known as The Canterbury Tales. The first is The General Prologue which describes a pilgrimage to Canterbury that many people endure, but on this specific journey, twenty-nine different people

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1445 words - 6 pages The Lawyer's Prologue by Geoffrey Chaucer In, “The Lawyer’s Prologue”, by Geoffrey Chaucer, Chaucer mixes and tries to differ himself in telling the story, by making it seem that the tale is being told between the actual author and the narrator, by giving the lawyer some critical reference to Chaucer. Chaucer is writing this trying to show as if the lawyer were to be telling the tale, and not Chaucer him self. The majority of

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1557 words - 6 pages The Canterbury Tales is more than an amusing assortment of stories; it is an illustration of the society in which Geoffrey Chaucer lived. It portrays the culture and class system of the medieval ages in microcosm. Every strata of human life at the time were represented by the many characters whose tales are told. Each character’s basic human nature also plays a role in their stories, and each one has within them the strengths and weaknesses that

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836 words - 3 pages Geoffrey Chaucer Geoffrey Chaucer was a poet, a writer, and of course a diplomat. Geoffrey Chaucer was born in the early hours of 1340s to John Chaucer, a vintner and assistant to the king's butler. As a boy, he was a leaf to the Countess of Ulster. (Lombardi) Chaucer was the most famous for writing his unfinished Canterbury tales. (Geoffrey Chaucer) He was born in London, only problem is, the exact date and place are unknown. From his writings

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1691 words - 7 pages Geoffrey ChaucerGeoffrey Chaucer's English literature and writing was so strong that he has been called "the father of English poetry." He borrowed work from Boccaccio, Dante, and Petrach. People like Spencer, Keats, Tennyson learned about verse forms by reading some of Chaucer's work. ( Bloom 41).Geoffrey Chaucer's date and place of birth are not known, but it is said that Chaucer was born in his father's home in London. The house is located on