Geography: Lebanon’s Pride And Joy Essay

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Lebanon’s Pride and Joy
Every city, country, territory or nation has its own pride and joy that distinguishes it from any other, which forms it uniqueness and gives it long lasting recognition and a remarkable reputation. France has the Eifel tower and its reputation for being the country of romance. Brazil has its festivals and soccer skills. Varna has its clubs and pubs and amazing nights, but with all that said, what does Lebanon pertain? Lebanon has long been known and envied for its water. Other than being located on a marvelous landscape, the water in Lebanon is valued by all its citizens and is considered a national treasure and wealth. We are then forced to pose the following problematic, how would things have been if not for Lebanon’s water supply and such? The water serves as a rational and intrinsic supply material in Lebanon, as well as proving to be a great means and importance for tourism when it comes to its shores and seas, for which without it Lebanon would fall into discord and turmoil.
The tourism industry in Lebanon has been historically important to the local economy and remains to this day to be a major source of revenue for Lebanon. Before the Lebanese Civil War, Beirut was widely regarded as "The Paris of the Middle East". This all is due to the important landscape on which Lebanon was built and sprung. Due to being surrounded by the sea countless resorts and hotels where built facing the majestic view of the big blue. This of course attracted vast tourists into visiting our countries and spreading the word throughout the world. Although this seems to be the benefit of Lebanon’s waters from the sea and its allure to random tourists with contrast to its use as a supply and material, it has long proven to be a source of wealth and revenue to Lebanon as well as remarkable reputation and praise. What does the sea have to do with such success in tourism? The sea captures attention and charms people into visiting its great views and magnificent portrait. It also proves useful in the building of resorts of which many would wish to come to. Imagine if Lebanon was denied such privilege and was found at another location with no specific or unique landscape. With such hard times and daily crisis, lack of tourism would prove stressful to the Lebanese economy and welfare. Tourist activity, although proven to have fallen after many drastic events in Lebanon, has proven to be an asset to our country and is one of the reasons we still stand. One can never deny that such advantage should be used to its fullest at all times.
Having talked about the landscape benefit of the waters of Lebanon, we now jump to its most direct benefit, its use as a rational and utmost daily supply. First, the wide range of water in Lebanon is used as an electrical supply in some regions. This is due to the construction of dams that provide this electrical energy to the citizens. An article was posted in Information International on May 19, 2014, describing...

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