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Geography Notes Essay

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Geography Notes: Chapter 21, Section ISouthwest Asia consists of a lot of strategic positionsLocated on two peninsulasLocated on a tectonic plateWhy there is such diverse landforms in the areaLand bridge connecting Southwest Asia with Asia, Africa, EuropeGolan Heights1967, war between Syria and IsraelHilly, plateau overlooking the Jordan River and the Sea of GalileeHas been a sight of conflict for decadesSouthwest Asia has an eclectic mixture of landformsCoastal PlainsMountainsDesertsPeninsulas and WaterwaysArabian PeninsulaSeparated from Africa by the Red SeaRed Sea covers a rift valley (long thin valley created by separating plates) by the movement of the Arabian plateDifferent ...view middle of the document...

489)Landlocked salt lakeOnly bacteria can live in the waterLowest place on the exposed crustResourcesOILProvides ONE-HALF of the worlds oil resourcesMajor oil fields on the Arabian Peninsula, Iran, IraqNatural gas fields close byMajor portion of income comes from oil since the world is so oil reliantWater=Hydroelectric PowerTurkey, Iran, Lebanon, AfghanistanOther resourcesCoalCopperSalts

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742 words - 3 pages recordings, I´m not really interested because I don´t like working in a desk with looking at a map and or computers, I prefer standing up or where I can stay active and don´t take a lot of notes, recordings and graphs. I don´t really meteorology because I´m not good at geography. Since Meteorology is the study of weather, you need to know how the world reacts, and I don´t think I am really good in science to have the necessary requirements to be a

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653 words - 3 pages are the by-product of their history, geography, religion, fears, hopes, and regrets. By renouncing meat, which was such a large part Jamaican food, I was renouncing a large part of my culture. Like many first generation Americans, my family readily assimilated with American culture. And so, just like many other first generation Americans, food was my only bridge to a culture that was supposedly my own. Being Jamaican was already difficult enough

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