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Cameroon is a Central African nation on the Gulf of Guinea, bordered by Nigeria, Chad,
the Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon. It is nearly
twice the size of Oregon. Mount Cameroon (13,350 ft; 4,069 m), near the coast, is the highest
elevation in the country. The main rivers are the Benue, Nyong, and Sanaga.
Cameroon Becomes an Independent Republic:
France set up Cameroon as an autonomous state in 1957, and the next year its
legislative assembly voted for independence by 1960. In 1959 a fully autonomous government
of Cameroon was formed under Ahmadou Ahidjo. Cameroon became an independent republic
on Jan. 1, 1960. In 1961 the southern part of the British territory joined the new Federal
Republic of Cameroon and the northern section voted for unification with Nigeria. The
president of Cameroon since independence, Ahmadou Ahidjo was replaced in 1982 by the
Prime Minister, Paul Biya. Both administrations have been authoritarian.
After a 1972 plebiscite, a unitary republic was formed out of East and West Cameroon
to replace the former federal republic.
Economic summary:
GDP/PPP (2007 est.): $39.37 billion; per capita $2,100. Real growth rate: 3.3%. Inflation:
0.9%. Unemployment: 30% (2001 est.). Arable land: 13%. Agriculture: coffee, cocoa, cotton,
rubber, bananas, oilseed, grains, root starches; livestock; timber. Labor force: 6.86 million;
agriculture 70%, industry and commerce 13%, other 17%. Industries: petroleum production and
refining, aluminum production, food processing, light consumer goods, textiles, lumber, ship
repair. Natural resources: petroleum, bauxite, iron ore, timber, hydropower. Exports: $3.236
billion f.o.b. (2005 est.): crude oil and petroleum products, lumber, cocoa beans, aluminum,
coffee, cotton. Imports: $2.514 billion f.o.b. (2005 est.): machinery, electrical equipment,
transport equipment, fuel, and food. Major trading partners: Spain, Italy, UK, France, U.S.,
South Korea, Netherlands, Nigeria, Belgium, China, Germany (2004). With the expansion of oil,
timber, and coffee exports, the economy has continued to improve, although corruption is
prevalent and environmental degradation remains a concern. In June 2000 the World Bank
agreed to provide more than $200 million to build a $3.7 billion pipeline connecting the oil
fields in neighboring Chad with the Cameroon coast.
International disputes:
ICJ ruled in 2002 on the entire Cameroon‐Nigeria land and maritime boundary but the
parties formed a Joint Border Commission, which continues to meet regularly to resolve
differences bilaterally and have commenced with demarcation in less‐contested sections of the
boundary, starting in Lake Chad in the north; implementation of the ICJ ruling on the


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