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Geography Investigation Assignment Type 4

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The causes of economic instability, political tension, religious and ethnic conflict, migration and or the mobility of people

What are the causes and effects of people migrating?

Introducing the issue and its context (social, economic, natural and built environment)
The social culture of migration is that while more and more people move away from their community or country the culture will certainly become weak the factor of this is that it can lead to tension between local people and immigrants that can cause accidents and violence between people. But also on the other hand it can have a better improved effect on their educational lives which will give them the best opportunities in the future. Having better medical services, this can treat them and help them get better. The desire to join and have better connections with their families and friends, this can have a huge effect as they are now closer to their families and friends.

The economics of migration is that it can be bad for businesses as the economic factor of migration is that most of the strongest and heavy- duty workers or people with intelligences leave or move out which can then leave the business in many problems as they may have to look for new workers which can be time consuming something that they might not have time for. But on the other hand the source of this is that they can improve on their job career to live a better future. Improving on their living and the environment around them is better because it is much safer.

The natural built environment of migration is as more and more people move away from their country and community the culture will predictably become weak the environmental factor of this is that it can leave the environment under used or wasted, some of the causes are drought, starvation, volcanoes erupting and natural disasters. But on the other hand the source of this is that an under populated country can increase the population which can then lead to a better use of resources and therefore will then help improve the quality of life and the way people live.

The political part of migration is that they are force to leave their homes and go live somewhere else.

Explain at least two different viewpoints on the issue
Migration is the movement from one country to another. There are two main reasons why people migrate it is either to get away from things that they don’t like and...

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