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Geography Research Project 2014 Essay

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Amount of Water used
The water in Dubai is used in many different ways. Yet the main area in which water is used would be agriculture as seen in Figure 4. 55% of the water that is available to be used is being used on the croplands and golf courses (Kawach 2012). The domestic use of water is lower than that of agriculture. Yet the amount of water used domestically is relatively high. The people of Dubai live a luxury lifestyle and this comes with the expense of high usage of water. Even though industry is a big part of Dubai’s economy, it does not consume as much water as seen in Figure 4. The percent of water available used for industrial reasons is 3%. The luxury lifestyles of the people in Dubai will result in an insufficient amount of water for them to use.
The UAE is one of the countries with the highest consumption of water as seen in Figure 5. In 2005, the UAE was the third highest consumer of water, after the USA and Canada. With 353 liters per capita domestic consumption, the UEA consumed 17.7% of the total water consumed by the countries stated in Figure 5.
What the Water is used for
The water scarcity affects the economy in two different ways. The scarcity both aids the economy as well as has a negative impact on the economy. As seen in Figure 8, the use of water can aid the economy. In Figure 8, the water is being used, in the form of a fountain, as a tourist attraction. Being the highest fountain in the world, people come from all over the world to see the fountain. This would result in an income that benefits Dubai. Dubai can then use this money on the desalination plants to produce more water. On the other hand, the water scarcity can negatively affect the economy. It is said that the oil prices will increase rapidly with the decrease in the amount of water available (Staff 2011). To produce enough water to sustain Dubai, the government has to increase the price of the oil. This will increase the income which an be used in the desalination of sea water as well as in finding new technology that can help with the situation (Hussein 2011). The water is also used on the rigs to cool down the machines and therefore there is a cost to keep the oil production going. Thus lowering the economy as there is less money available.
In Dubai, predominant irrigation system used is drip irrigation. It aids in the conservation of water. As seen in Figure 6, the drip irrigation is used to irrigate the fodder for the animals. The drip irrigation is also used for watering the plantations in Dubai. The water in Dubai is expensive so the water used for the drip irrigation is grey water. Drip irrigation is the process by which the water distribution is regulated to avoid wasting any water. This positively affects the food security, as there is a higher chance that there will be a continuous supply of crops. If there is a decrease in the amount of water available for agriculture, the crops will die and the food security will be affected negatively....

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