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Geography's Effect On Growth Of Civilization

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Geography has the ability to make or break a civilization and decides how a civilization will interact with other civilizations. Civilizations grow because geography affects both their surroundings and how easily they can reach other peoples. Greece and the Islamic Empire are two great examples of how geography can affect a civilizations growth and interaction with other people. China, Rome and Mesopotamia are other examples with different ways of growth.
Mesopotamia is the “birthplace of humanity” because it is the spot of the first human civilization. Mesopotamia grew in the Fertile Crescent, one of the best regions for development and farming. Because of the abundance of food in the ...view middle of the document...

Meanwhile in the south, the Yangzi River provided fertile soil best for growing rice. The south was better than the north because it was warmer and the Yangzi River could be navigated by boat, making travel easier. The barriers were good and bad for China because they allowed China to grow their own way. They were bad for China because the isolation kept China from getting resources they greatly could have used. They also isolated China from military help when other groups grew and rivalled around the Chinese. Trade could have greatly helped China like it did for Greece, but Greece could have used fertile soil for crop building also.
Greece developed in a great place for trade which made up for their lack of fertile soil. The good soil they did have though, was great for growing olives. They used these olives as a main export and traded heavily with other civilizations for food. Olives were a product in high demand, so the Greeks could get almost anything they wanted with their olives. Sometimes though, the Greeks could not trade to get food, and when this happened, they resorted to wars to try and gain resources. Unless you had a spectacular military like Sparta, you were not going to make it through the wars. Greece’s rocky, mountainous geography did save them multiple times, mainly against the Persians. The mountains in Greece were all that protected the Greeks from complete Persian domination, because the Greek military was outnumbered by the Persians. The Greeks used narrow mountain passes to attack using skirmishes, crippling the Persians, because the Greeks knew their rocky geography. In another Persian war, the Greeks had to use their powerful navy to defeat the Persians. The Greeks had this powerful navy because it was an easier means of transportation instead of travelling through the mountains. The Greeks mainly interacted with other people through trade and war. The Romans copied many of their ideas and techniques from the Greeks, they just put their own twist on how they were used and how they operated within the Roman Empire.
Rome developed in the best place of all of these civilizations, because they grew in a fertile and trade heavy area. Rome began by uprising against the Etruscans and then going and conquering Central Italy. They overthrew the Etruscans because the Romans did not like the way the Etruscans ruled and they conquered Central Italy in order to get a steady food supply. This was the beginning of Rome’s ascent to an Empire. Rome interacted with other people by going out and conquering them, they protected themselves...

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