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Geography: The State Of Texas Essay

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Situated in the south central part of the United States, Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. It is also the third fastest growing state and holds a number of the most populous cities in the nation [US Census,2013] and number one in the nation in producing greenhouse gasses [EPA, 2013]. Stress in water resources can be seen in rapidly populated and over populated areas, where the water demand is high and availability is limited. This is particularly magnified in Texas due to climate change. It is important to identify different factors that shape Texas’ climate before characterizing its implication on water supply in the future.
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History of drought has been documented in Paleoclimate studies using long lived tree species indigenous to Texas. Tree-ring proxies are especially useful when reconstructing histories of climate change across a large region like Texas, since many can be sampled from different areas. Annual tree ring data can give a precise year-to-year temperature and precipitation records. Tree ring data has shown droughts lasting a decade or more staggered throughout the state happening randomly since the 1600’s. (why this is important to water supply) [Brenner]
Temperatures in Texas are projected to rise 2°C to 5°C with the next century. With rainier wet seasons and drier dry seasons [IPPC, 2007]. Texas has been identified as a climate hotspot, named as an area showing climatic sensitivity due to anthropologic alterations such as greenhouse gasses and population growth [hotspot ]. Climate change projections show temperature increasing during the next century particularly affecting the region, it does not figure in drought, flooding, and other extreme weather conditions [climate change]. Since Texas is especially sensitive to climate change water stress is intensified. FIXLAST SENt
. Grass, trees, shrubs, flowers are basic features associated to residential landscapes, providing a list of benefits to humans including physical health, mental health, social, and environmental [seminar]. Residential landscapes provide economic benefit too, increasing property value and create consumer spending in the green industry including greenhouses and nurseries. Water usage was metered from 2004 to 2012, amongst selected cities in Texas, revealed 31% of residential water is used outdoors typically on landscapes. [mace, 2012]. Population growth coupled with drought can stress municipal water supplies. Several cities have implemented seasonal to year round water restrictions on outdoor watering to...

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