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Geological Investigation Essay

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Geological investigation is the first step towards the completion of a building and is considered as the most important step as it identifies the feasibility of an area for construction and determines how the foundations and preventive measurements to be set up for the building. According to Sadhi (2012), one-third of the construction projects are delayed and half of over-tender cost on road projects are due to inadequate geological investigation or poor interpretation of the data. According to Ferrer Geological Consulting (n.d.), geological investigation is mandatory to ensure an adequate design of maximum safety concern and optimum economy benefit to be made and saving on the geological investigation budget is proven to be false economies. The process of geological investigation involve conduct a desk study and reconnaissance of the proposed site, conduct a preliminary site investigation, prepare a detailed site investigation plan, carry out a detailed site investigation and prepare a soil exploration report (Mailvaganam, 1995).
After the preliminary geological investigation, the next step is to prepare a detailed geological investigation plan with the data obtained from the preliminary site investigation (Bennison, Oliver & Moseley, 2011). According to Bennison et al. (2011), the purpose of preparing a detailed geological investigation plan is to identify which site investigation techniques are needed as each soil type has its own test for optimum accuracy. Next up, the area and depth of the ground to be investigated is identified depending on the geophysical condition of the area (Stump, 1991). According to Pye (2007), if sinkhole is identified, the area of geological investigation is expanded in order to identify if the underlying surface consists of a large portion of limestone, which is not suitable for sustaining heavy loads for a prolonged period of time due to its vulnerability to water corrosion. After the test method and the area and depth of the ground to be investigated are confirmed, the cost associated with this detailed geological investigation is calculated and the time needed for the test to be completed is precisely computed (Lerche, 1997).
With the approval from the management and budget, the detailed geological investigation is conducted based on the previous planning. This detailed investigation includes both geophysical surface exploration and geotechnical subsurface exploration (Gregory, 2008). According to Bujang (2003), the geophysical surface...

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