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George “Bugs” Moran was one of the most famous gangsters of all time due to his fame during the prohibition era, and constant fighting with Al Capone (“Bugs Moran” National Crimes…par. 3). He was also one of the very few gangsters who was actually street smart because of his crime starting at such a young age (“Bugs Moran” par. 2). He got the nickname of “Bugs; because he was a rather violent criminal, so everyone thought he was “buggy” (Bardsley par. 1). His “buggy” attitude showed by him driving his rival gangs absolutely nuts making most of them, especially Capone, regret that they ever left New York and stepped foot in Chicago (Keefe 6). One of Moran’s rival gangsters once stated, “If I’d known what I was getting into, I’d never have left the Five-Point outfit in New York” (Keefe 6). Although Moran has been rather a mystery until now, his legacy of being the powerful leader of the north side gang will last forever (Keefe 9).
Bugs Moran was born August 21, 1891 in St. Paul Minnesota under the name Adelard Cunin, but his name was eventually changed to George Clarence Moran (Kaczynski 386; “Bugs Moran” National Crimes…par.1; “George Moan” par. 1). His parents, Jules and Marie Diana Gobeil Cunin, were French Canadians that immigrated to the United States before Bugs was born (Kaczynski 386). He grew up living in St. Paul, and he attended Creign which was a private school ran by the Christian Brothers (Kaczynski 386).
Moran started his criminal record in 1910 with joining the horse thievery business (“Bugs Moran” par.2). Soon after he started to get into the gang life and was affiliated with many gangs causing him to be arrested 3 times before he even turned 21 (“Bugs Moran” National Crimes… par. 2). While still in high school he joined his first gang and dropped out of school at 18 (Kaczynski 386-387). Consequently, He then became a driver for the Elmquis Brothers, but that career ended whenever him and a friend were caught robbing a store and sent to the state juvenile correction center at Red Wing (Kaczynski 386-387). Later, he escaped Red Wing and moved to Chicago where his criminal life quickly escalated (Kaczynski 386-387). Moran’s criminal career came to a slight pause when he was arrested November 18, 1917 for robbing freight car (Kaczynski 387). A business man bailed Moran out of jail and he once again joined the horse stealing business (Kaczynski 387). Immediately after he was bailed out of jail, he was caught horse stealing and received another 10 year sentence (Kaczynski 387). A free man was who Moran was four years later, but only to go back into jail after being part of another bank robbery (Kaczynski 387). A couple years later he got out of jail and was part of a brawl where he received his first of many scars; additionally, he was stabbed in the neck and had to be hospitalized (Kaczynski 387). Determined to get revenge on the guy who stabbed him, he joined the North side gang who he would spend the rest of his criminal career...

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