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George Bush: Congress And 9/11 Essay

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The start of the 21st century brought on new challenges and new obstacles that America was unfamiliar with at the time. A controversial decade was about to unravel with the presidency of George W. Bush. A decade filled with controversy, from the election of Bush and well off into the ending of his presidency. The presidency saw significant changes in which the role of the president was to wield power in times of peril. In this time, saw the role of congress diminish, while on contrary expanding the power of the executive. Following the events of September 11th, 2001, which change the setting of the presidency and congressional relationship.By means of manipulation, deceiving, bypassing ...view middle of the document...

And nations who harbor such organizations or groups.” (Nelson, 2003) These resolutions were followed up with Congress passing the controversial patriot act. Further it was an act that “grants law enforcement agencies to wire-tap, conduct searches, monitor Internet communications, in the effort to find suspected terrorist.” (Nelson, 2003) Then Nelson describes that Congress agreed to Bushes assertion to invade Iraq as deemed as “Necessary and proper.” (Source) That Bush was able to convince Congress that Iraq was viable to Invade, using his new and established power that Congress granted him. (I.E. Necessary & Proper)

According to Stuart Taylor Jr. weeks after the September 11th attack, a justice department official named, John Yoo penned a memo with a broad conclusion that “Congress may not place any limits on the presidents’ determination as to any terrorist threat. These decisions are under the constitution for the president to decide, the use of military force.” (Taylor, 2006) The administrations lawyers argued that the president had unilateral powers to,” Launch a preemptive strike without the approval of congress, the detention of anyone deemed an enemy combatant without due process, authorize indiscriminate torture, and order eavesdropping on Americans and international communications who are suspected Al-Qaeda agent without a court warrant.” (Taylor Jr, 2003) Later Taylor explains that Congress hold these matters, not the commander in chief. Congress has the decision to act upon these measures and not the president. Furthermore, now the Supreme Court acts as the check for the president and not congress. In essence, Congress has lost its oversight responsibility and ability, after giving power to the executive.

By and large the 21st century brought on the events that have been accumulating from the previous administration of Clinton and Bush senior. The growing threat of al-Qaeda being more prevalent in the time George Bush took hold of the presidency. This threat was being more prevalent, but congress and the administration failed to discuss the growing threat. As stated before, September 11th changed the setting of the presidency and congress, during this time. The patriot act enacted by congress, took the attitudes that have emerge from the attacks of September 11th and in cooperated these attitudes into the patriot act. “The enactment of this law gave George Bush full discretion and with the resolutions provide by congress, that the president can use power that is necessary and proper to wield power without repercussions from congress.”(Taylor Jr, 2006) Congress in essence, gave its authority to check the president away and allow the president to lead without a check from congress.

Using the momentum of September 11th attack and the passing of the resolutions and the patriot act, Bush was able to bring Democrats and Republicans together. Bush was able to form alliances between the two parties and address other germane...

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