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George C. Marshall Essay

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"You can learn how to create an environment which forces people to decide to stretch, reach, and grow to their maximum potential" Introduction George C. Marshall grew up as the youngest child in the family. He was not regarded highly by his brother or his father. He did not excel in the early years of his schooling. Marshall determined to set himself apart from everyone else, and show his brother and father that he could be someone great. In business, this is called differentiation. It is a way that you set yourself apart from those you are competing with. By showing others he was different, Marshall gained the respect of a nation.Marshall tried to work his way up through the chain of command for many years. He gained the respect of his superiors by standing up to them when they ridiculed him. This was one of Marshall's major steps into becoming a great leader for our country. Marshall was noted for his ability to "see" the needs of America. As a manager in a business you must see the needs of the company. Whether those needs are in the area of finance to marketing to planning, you must be able to see those needs and change them. A necessary step that must be taken after seeing a need is making the changes required. Marshall saw the changes that the military needed and made them.Marshall did not enjoy being in the public spotlight. He was not interested in politics or the baggage that accompanies it. He never ran for office and never wanted to. Marshall is seen as a great introvert who not only knew how to be a leader, but he knew how to make leaders of others. Marshall gained his reputation by what he did. He learned that actions speak much louder than words.Leadership Qualities Marshall was a great example of a leader that served others. Marshall performed many acts of "selfless services" in the military. To be a great leader you must be efficient in serving others. Serving is not manual tasks that you perform. A good servant is one who can listen, heal, empathize, persuade, conceptualize, foresee, commit, and build. Marshall was a great example of a man who knew how to serve those under him.Marshall used what is called today the rule of the notebook. He had a black book that he kept with him and when he saw someone that he admired he wrote down their name. When opportunities arose for Marshall to find someone to fill a position, he simply turned in his book and found the right person. The rule of the notebook is something that all great leaders should use. It gives you a foundation to work with when trying to solve problem.The rule of eighty-to-twenty is a powerful concept. This rule explains that eighty percent of the things we do generates twenty percent of the profit, and twenty percent of the things we do generates eighty percent of the profit. Find out the twenty percent that generates the eighty percent and work with that. Marshall was noted for doing this during World War II. He explained to Roosevelt the items that he...

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