George Dewey And The Spanish American War

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George Dewey, born 1837 in Montpelier Vermont a high spirited boy growing up with his father, a local physician, and his 2 brothers charles and edward following their father's career. Inspired by Carthaginian Commander Hannibal considered to be one of the greatest military commanders of all time Dewey at the young age of 15 was enrolled at Norwich University in New Hampshire where he remained for 2 years until moving on to Indianapolis Naval Academy
for 4 years. At Indianapolis Naval Academy only half of students if even went on to finish the 4 years and of the 60 men who started he and 14 other boys were the only ones to finish the 4 year commision. Throughout his life Dewey led many ...view middle of the document...

With the Battle of Manila bay Dewey just further proves his loyalty and determination to and show he deserved the rank of Commander and chief of the asiatic squadron and captain of the Olympia . 5 years later when some of the ship hulls were resurfaced George dewey looks back cross referencing a report from a ship in his fleet with the damage on Captain Montojo’s Flagship and whilst looking upon the wreckage commended the crew and captain for their bravery to the end, showing that he isn't a bloodthirsty warmonger but instead a lighthearted man who knows the true horrors of war..
“ Her loss was one hundred and fifty killed and ninety wounded, seven of these being officers. Among the killed was her valiant captain, Don Luis Cadarso, who, already wounded, finally met his death while bravely directing the rescue of his men from the burning and sinking vessel” -George Dewey after seeing the damage caused to an enemy ship.

When looking back on dewey’s life, starting military school at a young age and sticking with his cause, his inspiration of hannibal, his concise yet powerful battle strategies one would only think that dewey must be pro-war and...

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