George Frideric Handel Was The Greatest Composer

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Frideric Handel was the greatest composer during the Baroque period, one of his famous works was “Julius Caesar” the opera seria.
George Frideric Handel was born on February 23, 1685 in Halle, Germany. Handel was known as the greatest composer during the Baroque era. Handel was most famous for the Messiah a English Ontario. This great composer also wrote the great opera seria known as “Julius Caesar” which was performed first in London, England in 1724. The opera seria quickly became popular and was toured in several other cities.
George was a very talented composer but, unlike many others he didn’t come from a family with a long line of musicians. At very early age Handel had his mind set on studying music even though his father disapproved. Because his father wanted him to become a lawyer he didn’t allow Handel to play musical instruments. Despite his father’s wishes, historians believed he studied music by candlelight. To make his father proud he studied law for a short time but knew this was not what he wanted to do. George followed his dreamed and went on to join an orchestra in Germany that would change his life forever.
George was a traveling conductor, composer, violinist, and organist. He settled in in Florence so that he could study the Italian style music. Handel wrote over forty different Italian operas unfortunately, many of them were lost. Most of them were written and mainly performed in London. One of the Italian operas that survived was the opera seria “Julius Caesar” known as Giulio Cesare in Egitto an opera seria that has three acts. Julius Caesar was one of three trios that Handel wrote and all of them were very well known during the late Baroque period. Handel made changes to this particular opera three time before he died. Most opera serias composers wrote operas so that the plot reflected the Roman history. The operas setting was Egyptian based on the plot, Caesar’s fight to win Cleopatra’s throne back. Shakespeare, was Handel’s obvious influence in writing this opera seria but, he made a few twist of his own to the plot in his opera . According to history, Ptolemy XIII was Cleopatra’s brother who was the sole Monarch of Egypt. Cleopatra and Julius Caesar were in love but, she...

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