George G. Toudouze´ Three Skeleton Key Literary Analysis

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Three lighthouse keepers, Itchoua, LeGleo, and the narrator, must fight for their lives

against hordes of vicious rats, written by George G. Toudouze, Three Skeleton Key is

suspenseful, telling of rats that will make your feet crawl. This literary analysis will

deconstruct the story made popular in early 1950’s.

The Story begins on Three Skeleton Key, where three men, Itchoua, LeGleo, and the

narrator are employed at a lighthouse on a small island called Three Skeleton Key. An

abandoned ship plagued with sea-faring rats slammed into the rocks

of the island. The starving rats began their attack, imprisoning the men inside the

lighthouse. After the rats had gnawed through the frame of the window, the

men had to evacuate to the lantern room –wounded, and without any

supplies. After a few torturous days, the men are rescued and released from

their prison. The rats are incinerated when a barge packed with meat is set

alight, and the rats that try to flee the flame are devoured by the sharks. Ultimately, Itchoua

died to infection due his rats’ bites. LeGleo lost his mind and was placed in a

sanatorium. As for the narrator, he returned to Three Skeleton Key, to continue work.

The three main characters, although not much is said about them, you tend to

guess at their personalities through their actions in the story. The

narrator, was a young man of whom I imagined to be content, rational and

intelligent. For example, in the book he says “…but we liked it there. I was

greatly satisfied with life there on Three Skeleton Key.” He was a dynamic character, he

started as a young man looking for a way to earn enough money to start a family, by the

end of the story he has witnessed true horror, insanity, and even death. Despite these

horrible events he returned to work at the lighthouse.

Itchoua was a man 50-60 years of age. He was even-tempered and

rational. “Itchoua sat up, and stared silently at his blood.” He was a supporting character.

LeGleo, who I thought of as anxious, even a bit . “LeGleo had cracked and he was

mad”. He was a supporting character.

The characters are represented in a more indirect way, by actions, more than words.

The men form the rescue boats are static because their sole purpose is to save the men trapped on Three Skeleton Key.

The sharks that surround Three Skeleton Key are plot devices because the only purpose they

serve is to show how dangerous it...

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