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George Gordon Byron

     Their are many different opinions on the written works of George Gordon Byron which could include one very big question. Was he a natural born poet or simply a product of abuse and mental illness. His writings may have been more a way to ease his pa
and suffering rather than a natural talent. Perhaps his writings were a form of self therapy? Throughout his writings and life history there is much evidence to suggest that his poetry was being greatly influenced by his mental instability. I have l
rned much on this great poet and I too believe that his writings were influenced greatly because of the pain and abuse he suffered in his youth. I will attempt to point out the many possibilities to this.

     George Gordon Byron was known as Lord Byron during his lifetime. Byron was born in 1788 and died at the early age of thirty-six in the year 1824. His handsome face, riotous living and many love affairs made Byron the most talked-of man of his day. H
was known as a romantic, fascinating figure to his fellow Englishmen. In our current century his reputation has dwindled to merely being known as a poet. His childhood was colorful to say the least. There is much evidence to suggest mental instabilit
was inherent in his family. Byron was born on Jan.22, 1788 in London. His great-uncle from whom he inherited the title, was known as “wicked Lord Byron”; his father army officer, was called “mad Jack” Byron. This wealth and the nick names of the Byron
en went back to at least as far a Lord Byron’s’ Grandfather, a Vice Admiral, known as “Foul Weather Jack”. He was giving this name as he had a reputation of attracting storms. These titles given to his family only adds to the evidence of mental insta
lity. Here’s an interesting note: (His family had a long tradition of marrying its cousins, consequently,
there were some oddities among their ancestors. Byron’s grandfather “Foul Weather Jack” hated his sons and spent a great deal of time trying to destroy their estate, Newstead. He hoped to leave nothing for his sons, so he encouraged swarms of crickets
o run throughout the house.) (His Life

      Born with a clubfoot, he was sensitive about it all his life. When he was just three his father died, leaving the family with nearly nothing to survive on. His parents, Catherine Gordon Byron (of the old and violent line of Scottish Gordons) and John
ron, had been hiding in France from their creditors, but Catherine wanted their child born in England, so John stayed in France, living in his sister’s house, and died in 1791, possibly a suicide. However, at ten was left a small inheritance along with
is title. (George”Don Juan”Gordon      

     His mother then proudly moved from the meager lodging in Aberdeen, Scotland to England. The boy fell in love with the ghostly halls and spacious grounds of Newstead Abbey, which had been presented to the Byron’s by Henry...

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