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George Lucas Essay

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George Lucas is a proclaimed god in the film industry. His experience spans decades and his movies span generations. He is one of the most known celebrities in the world. With a flashy net worth of over $4.2 billion, one wonders how a mere writer could acquire such wealth. To understand this, one must delve deep into Lucas’ past and analyze his first success and his early failures.
George Walton Lucas Jr. was born in the sleepy suburbs of Modesto, California on May 14th, 1944. He was the only son out of four children. His parents made a decent living selling office supplies and maintaining a walnut far ( 1 of 2). Lucas was a somewhat difficult child during his adolescent years. He barely made passing grades in school and had a very stubborn personality. Early in his life, Lucas developed a passion for race cars and racing. His early dream was to become a race car driver. But shortly after graduating high school, Lucas experienced a near fatal car crash that left him in the hospital for three whole months (World Biography 1 of 6). This event changed his outlook on life and set him down the path that created the George Lucas we know today. After recovering from the accident Lucas wanted to attend film school but his parents refused to support him on his decision and he instead began studying social sciences at nearby Modesto Junior College (World Biography 1 of 6). There he started to gain a more grounded interest in photography and film. This is interesting because even though Lucas' parents discouraged his artistic side, he still pursued his interests anyway. After a near fatal car accident, one would think that the victim's parents would be more accepting of their child's
McCoy 2
wishes. But this was not the case.
At Modesto, Lucas began to combine his old passion of race cars and his new passion for
photography. He began by photographing race cars, and he even began to be involved in the building of race cars. This created connections for Lucas and he soon befriended a fellow race car lover and cinematographer, Haskell Wexller. With Wexller's guidance and influence, Lucas applied to and was accepted into the University of Southern California (World Biography 1 of 6). This was the true beginning to Lucas' future in the film industry. While at USC Lucas explored a variety of film departments. He first tried his hand at animation and then moved on to cinematography and editing. During his college career, Lucas created eight student films, the most famous of which is, 1965's "THX-1138: 4EB". He created this film with his good friend and mentor, Francis Ford Coppola, a UCLA graduate. The film won several awards but failed terribly in it's 1971 theatre release ( 1 of 2). This failure however did not discourage Lucas and he soon moved on with other projects.
After graduating USC in 1967, George held several odd jobs on the outskirts of the film industry. Including positions like, cameraman, document editor, and other...

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