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A Short Biography Of George Orwell

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Timeless author, George Orwell, once said “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” (George 6). Fairly put, an excellent description of the Modernist time period as well as the beliefs of Orwell were provided by himself. Concepts found in the writings of George Orwell were influenced by the Modernist period, lasting from 1914 to 1939, which placed a large emphasis on the horrific, chaotic, and ultimately futile events of life along with a desire to experiment with new forms of literature (Matterson1). Multiple authors had the capability of capturing those feelings and radiating them upon numerous readers. The works of Orwell represented a change in attitude from the previous time period, Realism, as well as provided inspiration for future generations. Wars, government corruption, and high tensions created the pessimistic views found in Modernism but had the capability of influencing the opinions and writings of George Orwell, one of the most inspirational authors of all time.

Born in India and raised in England, George Orwell was exposed to various events during his lifetime that would immensely impact himself and his literary techniques. As a child, Orwell obviously had a strong potential in the world of literacy and in return, received the King’s scholarship to a boy’s prep school. Upon completion of school, he joined the Indian Imperial Army but deferred in 1927 because of his undeniable hatred for authority (George 2). The time spent at school and in the army were key events in his life because they assisted the formation of opinions that he would later write about in tremendous detail. Based on unpleasant experiences with strong authority, Orwell’s articles commonly elaborated on the possible consequences of a totalitarian government. In 1936, Orwell was given the opportunity to travel to the Spanish Civil War and write about the events taking place.During the excursion, he joined the anti Stalinists Worker’s Party of Marxist Unification (George 6). By voicing his radical political opinions in journals based on those events, he was able to inspire a change of attitude in the literary world. Writing about the war helped create Orwell’s reputation and also strengthened his personal beliefs and techniques. Joining the anti Stalinists Worker’s Party of Marxist Unification helped to fuel his tenacious, anti-authority beliefs that made him so famous. By expressing those beliefs in such a strong matter, opinions of others were altered and his persuasive tone helped to set a baseline for other Modernist authors to follow. On the other hand, Orwell sometimes wrote about more socialistic issues and not solely about the potential consequences of the government power. He once said “I became pro- Socialist more out of disgust with the way the poorer section of the industrial workers were oppressed and neglected than out of any theoretical admiration for a planned society.” (White 78). His socialist...

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