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George Patton, Legend Of World War Two

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George C. Patton Legend of War

One of the greatest generals of World War II, George C. Patton was the only true general feared by the Axis forces due to his charisma, bravery, and brilliance. Grown up in a proper episcopalian family Patton grew with many challenges such as dyslexia but soon his interest in military overcame him and he went to the best military school in America. Patton soon fought many wars and his experience made him the man he was. Born with an instinct that only a few generals had he was able to predict where the battle would be fought and when. Hated and admired it is without a doubt said that Patton was one of the greatest military generals of the era..

George Patton faced every challenge put up to him ever since childhood. George C. Patton was born in November 11, 1885 to an episcopal family Patton had a very rough childhood as he suffered from Dyslexia and could not read or write so he had to be homeschooled because he feared being mocked by his fellow peers. However he had learned from this and faced up his greatest challenges. While Patton’s dream school was West Point he was afraid he could not pass the test he finally made it when he join Virginia Military Institute for a year and later went to West Point. As far as Patton was concerned nothing could stand in his way as his career was just starting. The barriers that stood in his way were no match for his perseverance and cunning. Thanks to his great education at West Point George Patton would leave a striking blow in World War II.

Patton was a war filled general, and he had the experience to lead the greatest nations to great victory. Patton’s first experience of war was in a conflict against the Mexican rebel Pancho Villa, who had just attacked an American town. He was under the leadership of General John J. Pershing. Patton proved his military prowess when he became the lead of a motorized squad and fought a band of Mexican Bandits. Patton also showed his lust for battle when he was very disappointed when the United States did not join the Great War. Patton would soon unleash his unquenchable hunger on the Germans in the Second World War.

Patton was an obsessed military man and his unquenchable thirst could not be satisfied, war fueled his mind. During peace Patton did not waste time as he had various staff positions in the military.Patton used all the time he could to study about warfare such as learning about tanks which were a completely new innovation. Patton showed his suffering as there were no wars to feed him. He was almost suicidal until one day the news came when Poland was invaded by German tanks that completely obliterated the...

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