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George W. Bush And The U.S. Official Position On Israel Vs. Palestine

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Israel-Palestine ConflictThe position of President George W Bush and the USAI: BACKGROUNDIn 1947 Britain handed over the Palestine problem to the newly born United Nations. The UN agreed to partition Palestine into a Jewish state, an Arab state, and a neutral UN zone containing Jerusalem, a city sacred to three religions. The Jews were thrilled, the Arabs adamantly opposed.In late 1947 the UN ratified the plan, and proclaimed the State of Israel on May 14, 1948. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled the country or were evicted, the British pulled out completely, and most of the Arab world--Egypt, Transjordan (now Jordan), Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, as well as Palestinians--immediately attacked in an attempt to destroy Israel. By the time of armistice in 1949, Israel held three quarters of Palestine--twice as much land as the UN had proposed: Jordan had taken the land on the West Bank of the Jordan River, and Egypt had taken the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians had nothing. The Statehood of Israel left over 700,000 Palestinians as refugees. In anger the Palestinians have led repeated attacks into Israel in an attempt to win back control of what they consider to be their land. The Israelis, whose advanced military is backed by $3 billion in American aid, have fended off these attacks. Thus, the Palestinians have resorted largely to terrorist and guerilla warfare in the name of their religion and homeland.II: OVERVIEW OF BUSH'S VIEWSince September 11, I have delivered this message: everyone must choose. You're either with the civilized world or you're with the terrorists. We believe that Israel has the right to occupy the land in which they are currently residing. However, we also believe that the Palestinians have the right to a state of their own as well. Our main concern is that of peace in the Middle East. In order to do so, we feel that there ought to be a Palestinian state, provided that it recognizes the right of Israel to exist. We believe that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat should work harder to control his people and engender peace. We also feel that Israeli leader Ariel Sharon should withdraw from Palestine. A month after 9/11, this perspective had 77% support amongst the American people (Source: Program of International Policy Attitudes, November 2001).III: BUSH ON ISRAEL AND SHARONI recognize Israel's right to defend itself, but the occupation of Palestinian territory should only be a temporary measure and must end. To lay the foundations of future peace, I ask Israel to halt incursions into Palestinian-controlled areas, and begin the withdrawal from those cities it has recently occupied. I also call on Israel to take immediate action to ease closures and allow Palestinians to go back to work. In...

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