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George W. Bush's Leagacy Essay

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At the start of the 21 century The United States of America was electing a new President to bring change, honor and dignity to the Office of the President and to the country after a recent scandal from the succeeding President. Through a controversial election and long drawn out battle versus Al Gore the Democrat Party Candidate, George W Bush won the Presidency. In the beginning many people loved him, but the love declined and turned into dislike at the mid of his tenure. George W Bush accomplished a lot during his Presidency. He was successful in the war against terrorism; he had a major impact on immigration reform, and he led a major effort in protecting religious freedoms and beliefs by creating the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.
“President George Walker Bush Jr., was born in New Haven, Connecticut, but spent most of his childhood and adult life in Texas.” (Rountree xvii) George W. Bush comes from a family that was in the oil business and in government. “He graduated from schools such as Yale, Combat Crew Training School, and Harvard.”( Rountree xviii-xix) George W. Bush likes to paint as a hobbie. “He also joined the Texas National Guard in 1968 but was granted honorable discharged in 1973.” (Rountree xix ) Prior to becoming Texas’ 46th Governor in 1995 he worked on family members campaigns for public office throughout the years. He was the CEO of Bush Exploration Company and he unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 1977. “In 1989 he and a group of investors bought the Texas Rangers baseball franchise and he became managing partner; In 1998 Bush and his partners sold the Texas Rangers for 15 million dollars before running for President of the United States.”(Rountree xxi) In 2000 United States of America elected George W. Bush as the 43rd President. President Bush was very popular in the beginning of his tenure, but later his popularity declined rapidly after 2005 because of a major political error.
The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York City, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania caused the President and Congress to take massive steps to prevent another terrorist attack from ever happening. The passing of the USA Patriot Act developed a new Presidential Cabinet/Intelligence Agency called Homeland Security. “This Agency would give law enforcement more legal power to investigate and to use surveillance against crimes of terror or suspected acts of terrorism.”(Greene xvii) After 9/11 the Government discovered that Al-Qaeda, a terrorist group, caused the attack. The President declared war against Al-Qaeda, The Taliban and all terrorists groups that have plotted attacks or have attacked The United States and its Allies. The U.S Military and NATO invaded Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban were occupying within those countries. The US won the Iraq war by dethroning their dictator and establishing a Democratically-elected government made by the people. In Afghanistan the government and...

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