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George W. Bush Vs Saddam Hussein: The Issues Of War In Iraq

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BIBLIOGRAPHY INCLUDED AT THE END OF THE PAPERAs the United States leads the war on terrorism in countries such as Iraq, we are faced with many difficult obstacles. It is up to President George W. Bush, as the leader of this nation, to devise the most effective plan in order to ensure that this country will be protected. There are numerous options that could be taken into effect, but President Bush must acknowledge each one individually and evaluate them on the basis of being more helpful than harmful. In choosing a method of action, he must carefully look at different aspects of the situation, such as what will be in the government's best interest, the United States citizens' best interest, groups who may contest his actions, and the legality of those actions.Many Americans believe that President Bush should launch a unilateral attack and simply take Saddam Hussein into custody. This method of action would free the Iraqi people of his harsh reign, allowing the United States to once again prove itself as being the nation who helps all, but it would also create an outrage among his predecessors. It would possibly cause harm the United States and its people. The United States, our allies, and many other countries in this world, are contemplating whether or not Iraq has weapons of mass destruction in their possession. The 1991 Cease-Fire Treaty, which was formed after the Gulf War during the first President Bush's administration, called for them to release or properly destroy any nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon (Thompson). However, it is believed that Saddam Hussein has not done so and could use those weapons against the United States if we have any type of altercation with them. Perhaps Saddam Hussein and his followers would launch a nuclear bomb, targeting the United States. Millions of people and cities would be destroyed on impact and after a short period of time, once the radiation spread throughout the land, everything and everyone else would soon be brought to death as well. Therefore, it is not in anyone's best interest for President Bush to invade Iraq and capture Saddam Hussein without further support.A more effective method would be to gain additional support by forming a coalition with our stronger allies such as Great Britain, Russia, and France. That way, American forces could lead the way into Iraq and use ground troops to locate banned weapons and Saddam Hussein instead of waiting on weapon inspectors to report on their findings, which could be too late. America has the most elite army, so as our troops searched the land with state-of-the-art technology and fighting tactics, there would also be other forces on reserve to take action if needed. A greater force such as this might also cause fear among Iraqi leaders and encourage them to cooperate more willingly. It would be in their best interest to do as told and remain in control of their country rather than to have to be taken under foreign custody. If they are detained, then...

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