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Biography Of George Washington The First American President

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George Washington was the first president of the United States. I think as my opinion, George Washington being president was a major turning point in US history. Mr. Washington had an interesting early life, before he was the president. Same goes for his presidency and after his presidency. Here is a overall look at George Washington’s life.
George Washington was born on February 11, 1732 in Westmoreland, Virginia, British America, in his parents Pope’s Creek Estate. George Washington was the first child of Augustine Washington and Augustine’s second wife, Mary Ball Washington. Augustine Washington belonged to the Colony of Virginia's landed gentry and was a planter and slaveholder. Mary Bell Washington was a stay home mom just like most women during that time period. George Washington had two older half brother named Augustine and Lawrence, which were from his father Augustine first marriage. George had four siblings named Samuel, Betty, John, and Charles. He also had four other siblings died before becoming adults. The father of Washington received his education at Appleby School in England, and, true to his alma mater, he sent his two elder sons to the same school. His death when George was eleven prevented this son from having the same advantage, and such education as he had was obtained in Virginia. His old friend, and later enemy, Rev. Jonathan Boucher, said that "George, like most people thereabouts at that time, had no education than reading, writing and accounts which he was taught by a convict servant whom his father bought for a schoolmaster;" but Boucher managed to include so many inaccuracies in his account of Washington, that even if this statement were not certainly untruthful in several respects, it could be dismissed as valueless (InfoPlease).Washington did a few things before he became president. Washington embarked upon a career as a surveyor and in 1748 was invited to go with the party that was to survey Baron Fairfax's lands W of the Blue Ridge. In 1749 he was appointed to his first public office, surveyor of newly created Culpeper co., and through his half-brother Lawrence Washington he became interested in the Ohio Company, which had as its object the exploitation of Western lands. After Lawrence's death (1752), George inherited part of his estate and took over some of Lawrence's duties as adjutant of the colony. As district adjutant, which made (Dec., 1752) him Major Washington at the age of 20, he was charged with training the militia in the quarter assigned him. George Washington married Martha Custis in 1759....

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