George Washington: A God Among Men

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When first looking at George Washington by Horatio Greenough first thought that came to mind was Roman Art! George Washington by Horatio Greenough is a unique piece looking much like many Roman sculptures you may have seen, but upon the statues shoulders dawns George Washington’s signature non-smiling, tightly clenched face. From the neck down you’d never think that this sculpture wasn’t created in the liking of our first president George Washington, but more that of a god like Jupiter. With his bare chest exposed and muscles chiseled, you’d think George Washington was a statue of a god if his face wasn’t so recognizable. With his face determined, brows lifted and his eyes always looking at ...view middle of the document...

I can see that Greenough is trying to display our founding father much like the Romans who founded democracy. What they would have wore and what they would have sat upon. That George Washington too resembled those who created a system that is used by the United States of America. I can also see a resembles to many sculptures I’ve seen of gods. Greenough looks to portraying not only George Washington as Roman senator but as a god among men. His strong and able body shows him looking youthful. His throne you would imagine a god like Jupiter would sit on, on Mount Olympus. His attire, gestures and able-bodied make him seem as if that of Jupiter who commands the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus. That George Washington was perfect and flawless, as the gods.
When looking at George Washington by Horatio Greenough you notice two symbolic gestures for this sculpture in the position/contents of George Washington’s hands. You see that Greenough has positioned George Washington’s right hand up, index finger pointing to the sky. His toga rest beautiful over his strong, detailed arm. It seems as if a demand for your attention and for there to be order . As if to point to the sky that their was no limit to his potential and greatness. His gesture was much like Jupiter would gesture towards his heavenly domain in the sky. In his left hand he holds a sheathed sword. The handle pointing out towards the viewer of the sculpture. As if George Washington is handing over his power to the American people, he exposes the handle of the sword to those who wish to take it from his hands. The pointed end towards his heart as if to symbolize his willingness to dead from the sword for the American people and Democracy. His left foot rest forward from his right, symbolizing a step forward. The first steps taken in creating the United States of America and the Constitution. That now he must draw our attention for he is passing on the power to the people to make America the greatest...

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