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George Washington And Christopher Columbus Essay

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Americans view Christopher Columbus and George Washington as heroes because of their perseverance. Both of these men helped pave the way for the “American Dream” that has been worked towards throughout history. Christopher Columbus helped open the door to American exploration and essentially found the location of the future American civilization, and George Washington was the first official Commander and Chief of the newly independent nation that is known as the United States of America. These two men could have given up when times were tough or when someone told them they would not be successful, but they continued to prosper and overcame a multitude of obstacles to prove themselves to the world. Looking back at their failures and accomplishments are a major piece in understanding the history of America. There are many heroes that have emerged overtime, Washington and Columbus being two of them, that have had to overcome obstacles before they achieved the goals that we praise them for today.
George Washington is known by most as “the first president of the United States” and is often referred to as “the Father of Our Country” (George Washington). Although Washington turned out to be a great, respected leader in his later years, he did not start out with a successful military career. In Washington’s first battle, “he and his men were ambushed and forced to surrender Fort Necessity on the Pennsylvania frontier” (What Made George Washington a Good Military Leader). In another battle, “Washington had two horses shot from under him”, but these failures did not stop Washington or cause him to give up (What Made George Washington a Good Military Leader). By the time the American Revolution came around in 1775, Washington was “a distinguished general”, which prepared him for his next job as “commander in chief of the colonial armies in the American Revolution” (George Washington). Washington himself “disliked war”, but stepped in when he was needed to help the American colonies gain their independence from their oppressor, Great Britain. The Patriots “victory over Great Britain, the best trained, best-equipped fighting force in the Western world” was a big surprise and can be credited to Washington’s leadership abilities (What Made George Washington a Good Military Leader). “Although [Washington] lost most of his battles with the British, year after year he held is ragtag, hungry army together”, and together they pushed through hard times and demolished many obstacles that stood in their way (What Made George Washington a Good Military Leader). One of the biggest obstacles faced by Washington and his troops was the long winter at Valley Forge. This was a hard time for the troops because they had little food and clothing to keep them war as the snow piled around them. A large number of troops did not survive the winter and this put the Americans at a great disadvantage because they were already outnumbered by British forces. Without Washington, none of...

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