George Washington And Julius Caesar Comparison

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When someone hears the name George Washington, they instantly think of the one dollar bill, the first president, or the quarter. Some people might even think of Mount Vernon, Virginia, his favorite place because his name is associated with Mount Vernon. But, someone would never consider the fact that George Washington and his friends rebelled against their current world power and beat them in odds that were extremely poor to create one of the greatest world powers in history. Furthermore, when someone hears the name Julius Caesar, they would most likely think of the Shakespearean play, or the famous saying, “E tu Brute” which was said by Caesar when he saw Brutus stabbing him. But, someone would assume that Caesar’s death gave way to Rome’s first emperor, Augustus. Even though Julius Caesar may be well known for his great accomplishments, he is nothing compared to who George Washington was and what he did to change history. Julius Caesar did have many accomplishments which consisted of his climb up the military chain to become Rome’s first king in five-hundred years and his part in the famous triumvirate rule (Pompey, Caesar, and Crassus) that came to power in Rome some time after Caesar's first decrees (Julius Caesar Definition). One of his many failures includes the dividing of Rome’s upper and lower class which eventually led to his assassination. George Washington’s achievements includes the rebellion against the greatest empire in the current time era and the development of one of the most powerful empires ever created in history. His failures include many losses in battle and the rebellion against Great Britain. Although Julius Caesar may be known for his great ruling ability, he came no where close to the power and influence that George Washington had on history.
First and foremost, Julius Caesar was born in Rome, Italy on July 12, 100 B.C. He is most famous for his title as Dictator of Rome and his death that occurred on the ides of March. He died on March 15, 44 B.C. in Rome, Italy (Summary of Julius Caesar). His full name is Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus. He also helped to turn the Roman Republic into an economic powerhouse. Nevertheless, it only lasted for a short while to his death in 44 B.C. Julius’ father”s name was Gaius Julius Caesar, and he was a Praetor who governed the province of Asia. He was different a kind of ruler because his fundamental beliefs were democratization of the government and more rights for the lower class, whereas, traditionally Roman values allowed the upper class to claim superiority and have more rights over the people (Julius Caesar Definition). Caesar’s father’s rule rubbed off on him because he was known for going to the citizens for support instead of to the Roman Politicians. This is one of the ways he became so popular so quickly. Caesar’s mother was Aurelia Cotta. She had been born with nobility in her family. Her family traditions and beliefs were also equal to that...

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