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George Washington Carver was born into slavery January of 1860 on the Moses Carver plantation in Diamond Grove, Missouri. He spent the first year of his life, the brutal days of border war, between Missouri and neighboring Kansas. George was a very sickly child with a whooping cough, which later lead to his speech impediment, and he was tiny and puny. George's father, James Carver, died in a wood hauling accident when he was bringing wood to his master's house one day. George was sick a great deal during his early years. In 1861, when George was one year old, raiders kidnapped him and his mother with horses from their home in Missouri. Moses Carver, Mary's master, heard that a bushwhacker named Bentley knew Mary's whereabouts along with little George's. Moses offered him 40 acres of his best timberland and Pacer, one of his best horses. Bentley accepted the offer and started in pursuit all the way into Arkansas. Bentley returned a few days later only with young George in a bundle and no sign of Mary. A few years later, in spring, little George was in the woods scraping at the earth. When someone was sick George gathered roots, herbs, and bark, which he boiled to make medicines. Carver grew to be a student of life and a scholar, despite the illness and frailty of his early childhood. Because he was not strong enough to work in the fields, he helped with household chores and gardening. Probably because of these duties and because of the hours he would spend exploring the woods around his home, he developed a keen interest in plants at an early age. Neighbors called George the Plant Doctor because he made house to house calls in Diamond Grove to prescribe for ailing plants. George had his own mini garden where he nursed sick plants back to health. Moses and Susan Carver, his owners, reared him until slavery was abolished in 1865. He learned to read, write and spell at home because there were no schools for African Americans in Diamond Grove. A few years later George decided to leave the Carver's and go on with his education. He set out and ended upon the farm of a family, Christopher and Mariah Watson, who became his foster parents. While under the Watson's care, George attended the colored school of Neosho. From age 10, his thirst for knowledge and desire for formal education led him to several communities in Missouri and Kansas Later he moved to Fort Scott, Kansas to attend High school. In 1890, to Indiana, Iowa were he enrolled at Simpson College to study piano and painting. In 1891 he got admission in Iowa State University and gained his BS in 1894 and MS in 1897 in "Bacterial Botany" and "Agriculture". Meanwhile he also took art and piano lessons. In 1894, Carver qualified for an opening, in Iowa, on the faculty as assistant botanist in the experiment station. Carver devoted special attention to bacterial laboratory work in systematic botany. He also collaborated with Dr. Pammell, an eminent botanist, on two publications: Treatment of Currants...

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George Washington Carver Essay

1203 words - 5 pages George Washington CarverBy: Manzhen ChenGeorge Washington Carver was born in Missouri, as a slave of Moses and Susan Carver, because his mother, Mary, was the only slave of the Carver's. Moses did not believe in owning slaves, but lack of near neighborhood in rural Missouri, he gave up and bought Mary for lonely Susan. Susan Carver treated Mary more like a sister than a slave. The local Ku Klux Klan didn't like that. Shortly they came to the

George Washington Carver. Essay

892 words - 4 pages George Washington CarverBy Teresa RogersGeorge Washington Carver was born in about 1864 (the exact year is unknown) on the Moses Carver plantation in Diamond Grove, Mo. His father died in an accident shortly before his birth, and when he was still an infant, Carver and his mother were kidnapped by slave raiders. The baby was returned to the plantation, but his mother was never heard from again.Carver grew to be a student of life and a scholar

George Washington Carver

1362 words - 5 pages George Washington Carver 	George Washington Carver was born in Diamond, Missouri at about 1865 as a slave child on Moses and Susan’s farm. Born and raised by his mother Mary, George was always having a whooping cough. One cold night, night raiders or slave robbers, came and took Mary and George from their home. The Carvers hired their neighbor, John Bentley, to go and find Mary and George. When John returned he had only brought back

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825 words - 4 pages Before you begin I must ask. Have you ever heard of a man who did everything in his power for trying to get a good education? A man who had to push his family behind to pursue it, and had to deal with many hardships? That man is named George Washington Carver. Before he was born, George’s mother was owned by a man named Moses Carver who adopted his mother, Mary when she was 13. His mother bore 4 children in the next decade, two of which died as

The Biography of George Washington Carver: A Hero to all African-Americans.

1999 words - 8 pages ., and there took the middle name "Washington" to distinguish himself from another George Carver. As he grew older he displayed skill in cooking, knitting, and crocheting, learned to do laundry work, became adept in growing plants, and developed talent for music and painting.In 1885 Carver because of his race was refused admission to Highland College in northeast Kansas. He next became a homesteader near Beeler, Kans., where for nearly two years

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815 words - 3 pages cabin and a working plantation that shows farming methods from the 19th-century.Another monument honoring Washington is the Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site, which was authorized in 1974. It is located in Tuskegee, Alabama at the Tuskegee University. The historic structures include the original brick buildings and Washington's home. This site also includes the George Washington Carver Museum, which was established in 1938.In conclusion

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687 words - 3 pages grandmother moved her family to California for the sake of opportunity in 1961, she was also a comedian. In California, my father attended Nevin Avenue Elementary, George Washington Carver Junior High and Thomas Jefferson High School in South Central Los Angeles. His birth certificate labels him as African-American. My mother’s name is Ginette Newman-Reed. She was born in Los Angeles, California having grown up on 22nd street in South Central Los

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707 words - 3 pages Armstrong recommended him as the principal of a new school called Tuskegee Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama. July 4, 1881 was the first day of school at Tuskegee Institute. It was a humble beginning, but under Washington's care both the school and Washington grew to be world famous. His school made lasting and profound contributions to the South and to the United States - such as through the work of one of its teachers – George Washington Carver. One of

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553 words - 3 pages , Endowed Scholarships, Iowa Tuition Grant, Iowa Grant Program, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, and Federal TEACH Grant program; Academic and Talent Scholarships - Fellowships, Honor Scholarships, Transfer Student Honor Scholarship, Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, George Washington Carver Scholarship; and Outside Non-Need Based Gift Aid: Veterans Benefits, Yellow Ribbon Program, Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits, and

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1097 words - 4 pages .      Slaves were not brought up ignorantly as some may choose to believe. There were many slave inventors, scientists and humanitarians. A perfect example of a former slave scientist is George Washington Carver.3 Carver developed more than three-hundred products from the peanut, sweet potatoes, wood shavings and cotton silks. Most of his inventions are still in use till this day. A man of such genius would not have been able


1067 words - 5 pages farmers in the South decided that to try to save their farms they would try to plant crops other than cotton. One of the most famous of these farmers was George Washington Carver. He was an African-American scientist and he encouraged farmers to grow peanuts, sweet potatoes, and soybeans; thanks to Carver the south’s farming industry became greatly diversified. Cotton was not the crop price that suffered. Due to the increased global

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George Washington Carver Essay

638 words - 3 pages George Washington CarverGeorge Washington Carver was born in Diamond Grove, Missouri during the spring of 1864 or 1865. Like many slaves, he was uncertain of his birth date. His mother, Mary, was a slave who belonged to Moses and Susan Carver. As an infant, slave raiders kidnapped his mother. The childless carvers reared George and his older brother, James.Growing up, George was captivated by plants. Many neighbors referred to him as the "Plant

George Washington Carver Essay

1758 words - 7 pages George Washington Carver was a African American scientist who showed many intriguing thoughts of nature throughout his life span of being one of the most dedicated scientist. George was born in Diamond Missouri, but his exact date of birth is not known by people. Never the less, one of the most remarkable inventors was born. Many people speculate that he was born sometime in January in 1964, while others believe he was born in June. George was

George Washington Carver Essay

567 words - 2 pages Roshan Weerasinghe March 17, 2014History 810George Washington Carver was born in 1864 near Diamond Grove, Missouri on the farm of Moses Carver. He was born into difficult and changing times near the end of the Civil War. Although born a slave, George Washington Carver died a successful inventor. It is rare to find a man like George Washington Carver. A man who would decline an invitation to work for a salary of more than $100,000 a year (almost

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567 words - 2 pages Roshan Weerasinghe March 17, 2014History 810George Washington Carver was born in 1864 near Diamond Grove, Missouri on the farm of Moses Carver. He was born into difficult and changing times near the end of the Civil War. Although born a slave, George Washington Carver died a successful inventor. It is rare to find a man like George Washington Carver. A man who would decline an invitation to work for a salary of more than $100,000 a year (almost