George Washington, From Birth To Death. Focuses Mainly On Battles And Predency

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This report is on George Washington. It discusses his life from his birth to his death. It mainly focuses onthe major things that he did while he was alive such as battles and becoming presidentWho Was George Washington? We all know him from the one dollar bill and the quarter, but how did thisman get to be so famous? Well it all started back on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Thisdate marked the birth of George Washington. George was the eldest son of a Virginia planter by the name ofAugustine Washington, and Mary Ball Washington. Even though Washington had very little or no formal schooling,his early papers such as some notebooks indicate that he read works of geography, military history, agriculture, andcomposition. It also shows that he showed some ability in simple mathematics and surveying. Later in his lifeWashington developed a style of writing and speech that, although it was not always perfect, was powerful and withforce. Quite fond of action, he was an excellent horseman and enjoyed the sports and social events of the Virginiaplanter society. When he was 16 George was invited to join a party to survey lands owned by the Fairfax family (hewas related to them by marriage) to the west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. His journey led him to take a lifelonginterest in the development of western lands. In the summer of 1749 he was appointed official surveyor for CulpeperCounty, and during the next two years he made many surveys for landowners on the Virginia frontier. In 1753 hewas appointed to position of an assistant to a commanding officer in one of the districts Virginia was divided in, withthe rank of major.Washington played an important role in the struggles after the outbreak of the French and Indian War.He was chosen by Lieutenant Governor Robert Dinwiddie of Virginia to deliver a final demand which called onFrench forces to cease their advance in the Ohio River valley. Washington was also instructed to observe thestrength of French forces, the location of any French forts, and the routes they could be reinforced from byCanada. After successfully completing this mission, Washington, then a lieutenant colonel, was ordered bysuperiors to lead a militia force for the protection of workers who had recently begun construction on a fort at theForks of the Ohio River. Having learned that the French had expelled the work party and renamed the site FortDuquesne, he established his troops in a strong position at a camp named Fort Necessity and awaited forreinforcements. A successful French assault compelled him to accept inevitable surrender, and he departed withthe remnants of his troops.Washington resigned his commission in 1754, but in May 1755 he began service as a volunteer military aidto British general Edward Braddock, who was sent to Virginia with a force of British regulars. A few kilometersfrom Fort Duquesne, Braddock's men were ambushed by French soldiers and Native Americans. Braddock wasmortally wounded, and...

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1104 words - 4 pages was slaughtered in the small fight. Lieutenant George Washington took the men they captured back to Fort Necessity. George Washington had now won his first battle. When the French heard about Jumonville death they sent out a large force toward Fort Necessity but the bad luck went George Washington's way. The French made it into Fort Necessity before the supplies and men made it to Fort Necessity from Virginia. On 3 July the Fort was attacked by

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2729 words - 11 pages Westmoreland County, Virginia on February 22, 1732. He is most famous because he defeated the British and became the first president of the United States. He married a widow, Martha Dandridge Custis. They remained married until his death in Mount Vernon, Virginia on December 14, 1799 (George Washington Biography). George Washington’s family first moved to this continent when his great-grandfather, John Washington, came from England to Virginia

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