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George Washington: General Of The Continental Army

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As many people may know, history is shaped from the people who make it and is changed by the actions of many. It is made by those who work hard to achieve a greater future and it gives a message and a story to future generations. George Washington was no exception and was one of the most important people in history because of his strong leadership, work towards freedom, and fulfilling duty to the United States of America.
On February 22, 1732, George Washington was born in Pope’s Creek Virginia. He “was born into a mildly prosperous Virginia farming family” (A Reference Resource 1) spending his time working his family’s farm and receiving an elementary school education. He later received his first job Several years later, the young George becomes a soldier in the colonist army fighting for Great Britain during the French and Indian War. This is when he first begins his career and experience of being a military leader by leading a group of 150 men to fight the French for the Allegheny River in the Ohio River Valley.
Despite a defeat here, Washington lives and goes on to hold other important positions in his early life such as being a respected member of the House of Burgesses, exemplifying the rights of representation for government in the United States, and being called to Philadelphia in 1775 for the Second Continental Congress because of the American Revolution. There, he was appointed Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and began to take command.
As general of the Continental Army, Washington faces many brutal battles on his road to victory. He suffers defeat at the Battle of Bunker Hill in Massachusetts with high numbers of casualties but makes a large amount of damage to the British force, showing that Washington’s Army can stand up against them. As the war continues, Washington builds up his army by assembling large amounts of troops from both enlisted soldiers and local militias. As conditions and moral worsens, Washington boosts his troops’ hopes by defeating the Hessians in Trenton on Christmas day in 1776. Also, in the winter of 1777 through 1778, Washington helps his troops to survive at Valley Forge. “He marches 11,000 men, many barefoot, into grim winter quarters at Valley Forge. Foragers roam the countryside in search of grain and livestock. He orders the inoculation of every soldier against smallpox and maintains harsh discipline. In spring, his men emerge hardened and spoiling for a fight.” (George Washington: A National Treasure)
He begins to gradually take back British owned territory by being successful in battle. Washington defeats General Burgoyne at the battle of Saratoga convincing France, another world superpower, to help in the war. Later, other victories are accomplished at Savannah, Georgia and Yorktown, Virginia, ending the fighting and the American Revolution with victory achieved by the colonies. The war is officially ended in 1783 when the Treaty of Paris is signed in Paris France, recognizing the United...

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