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George Washington : Man, Myth, Legend

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From cutting a cherry tree at the age of six to being the first president of the United States George Washington was a very influential man throughout his career. The topics of discussion will be his life before, during, and after his career, his major events, and the effects of his major events on the world. There shall be three subtopics amongst each main topic. For the first section, the subtopics are the importance of his birthdate and birthplace, childhood life, and his education. The second section’s subtopics will consist of the hardships and prospering of the American Revolution, the major battles of the American Revolution that George Washington was a major part of, and his presidency. And finally, the three subtopics used in the third section will be the aftermath of the American Revolution, Strategies used in the American Revolution, and how he influenced the style of government for the United States and many different parts of our modern world.
From his birth on February 22, 1732 in Bridges Creek, Virginia until his death on December 14, 1799 in Mount Vernon, Virginia, George Washington was a very sensible and significant man. Because his mother was very active in the public, George became accustomed to this lifestyle of dealing with the majority of people in a society. Along with his father being very active in public and with the people of Bridges Creek, George’s father was also a middling planter with over ten-thousand acres of land used on his plantation.
George started out by managing his estate, from whom he inherited from his father, in a very professional fashion when he was only in his early twenties. While there was very little schooling in Virginia at the time, George Washington still received a basic education which is the equivalent to a modern-day eighth grade education. However, this is a exceptionally well for a man of this time because almost all of the people who lived in this time period had little to no education in any way, shape, or form.
Now, after George had gone through his pretty decent childhood and had managed the plantation his father had given to him, George made the major lifetime decision to join the Continental Army. By the year 1776, George Washington had already become an American general and was placed in command of his own battalion of soldiers that he had fought with for many years. Therefore, during the American Revolution, George Washington’s men had become very loyal to him and stuck with him in hardships even after being offered to go home. Most soldiers would have agreed to leave then and there, but not this courageous general’s soldiers. Although, it was not just George that had loyal men but George had managed to have the most loyal men in the Continental Army.
After the beginning of the American Revolution, the Continental Army had been taking a beating from the British Army. Now, there were some major battles during the American Revolution, some of which was the...

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